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Your Mentality, Not Your Metabolism, Is The Reason Behind Your Weight

Health is more than just a transaction of calories in and calories out. Health is actually a state of mind. And if you don't work on obtaining THE RIGHT STATE OF MIND, you may reach your goal, but you'll never stay there. Sorry, you just won't!

You need to change not just what you're doing, but what you're thinking. If you don't love yourself and this process of being healthier NOW, you'll never appreciate yourself or the process. You'll always be seeking the next opportunity off that train.

Consider the following statements...which are you using on yourself? And tune in to how your body feels when you say them:

1) "I am so fat..."

2) "I feel so fat"

3) "I have to lose this weight"

4) "When I lose this weight, I will..."

5) "I will do this perfectly this time"


1) "I am in a healthier mindset"

2) "Today, I am practicing balance"

3) "I am getting to know what supports my body"

4) "I am putting my overall well-being first"

5) "I may not yet be where I want to be, but there is nothing wrong with where I am, and I know where I am going"

Which statements feel better? Which ones have you been using to motivate yourself to "stick to" your nutrition plan? Even as I type this, I cringe at the words "stick to" because you shouldn't be "sticking" to anything other than finding your balance and challenging yourself to give your body the best chance at feeling it's best.

Words = thoughts = beliefs = actions = results

That cycle is guaranteed...and it will work either for your detriment and undoing, or it will work for your advantage. Your self-talk, vocabulary and outlook will determine which path you're on.

So next time you are out to eat with friends and feeling the pressure to "stick" to something...simply stick to this: "What balance is healthy for me right now?" That's it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Balance that plate with a bunch of veggies. Have some starch/complex carb, but maybe have half what the restaurant serves you if you see it's more than you need. Always eat some protein. And get some healthy fats: avocado, egg, cheese, nuts, olive oil, hummus, nut butter. But do you need ALL the fats? No...but pick a fave or two. Swap out eggs for egg whites. Have half the sandwich bread. Eat your veggies first. Get the iced coffee or unsweetened ice tea. Hold the latte for another day. And then ENJOY!!!

Make nutritional decisions from a place of HEALTH and WELL-BEING, not from a place of PUNISHMENT. Punishment will keep you unhappy, in your apartment, lonely, unsatisfied. This lifestyle was meant to live everywhere, to mold WITH you and the things that bring you joy. Use it as a tool to grow you from the inside-out, not just on the outside.

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Tamita Jordan
Tamita Jordan
08 déc. 2019

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