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Throw your old jumprope out! Save space with the new ropeless jumprope!

Don't have alot of space to have a full jumprope in your small room? Introducing, Coach Kayla's favorite little under $15 "jumprope" that can be used with cord or wihout!

  • 【Perfect Fitness Method】: Our skipping rope is suitable for all heights. Effective skipping rope can help you exercise your wrists and legs and drive other body parts together, which is a fast and convenient exercise method.

  • 【Dual Mode & Adjustable】: The ropeless mode can perform traditional rope skipping movements without being hindered by the rope. Adjustable mode This skipping rope is suitable for all ages and heights.

  • 【Durable/High-quality Materials】:High-quality materials can be used anytime and anywhere without damaging the product, which can be used indoors and outdoors.

  • 【Memory Foam Handle】: Comfortable handle makes it easy to grasp and carry, which makes your hands feel comfortable and non-slip during skipping.

I am loving this product. I chose this one due to it also coming with a rope option. This has been exactly what I wanted. I'm a jump rope beginner and don't have room in my apartment. I pull this baby out and I'm breaking a sweat in a few minutes. It also helps me build my stamina. I also notice that I lose coordination in my left wrist and I can focus on correction, so when I use a full rope I can be better.

There isn't a lot of weight in the balls. You can probably add some weight to the handles if you'd like.

I haven't used the rope yet. But it is nice to have it as an option to for the low cost.

Bottom line: If you don't have a lot of space and want a good workout give these a try.

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