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Behavioral Coaching

Meet with a certified coach

Includes 1:1 texting, custom nutrition plans and monthly face to face meetings. We support, weight loss, performance goals, hormones, PCOS, and other goals.

Changing behaviors to better our bodies and our health

Experience Incredible Momentum with Positive Behavioral Changes

While being accountable to a coach clinician who will begin a Whole Foods macro-based approach with a frequency of eating in portion control you will gain tremendous amounts of energy, better sleep, lose weight, shift body composition, gain confidence, and positively impact almost every aspect of your life. You will also see improvements in the gym by properly fueling your body on a macro and micronutrient basis. You will begin to stack good habits and gain incredible control with your relationship with food.

Which Program Should You Choose?

In this next video I break down the core differences to help you choose which one is right for you.

Overcome Dieter's Mentality

Jump Off the Endless Dieting Cycle

Overcome the all-or-nothing mentality and break-free of your on-and-off dieting past. KKW uses a cognitive behavioral approach to facilitate mindset shifts to look at health and wellness as a continuous journey of destinations. Overcome the dieters mentality by implementing lifestyle changes using behavioral modification.

Overcome under-eating, binge eating, relationship with alcohol, lack of sleep, stress, lack of time management, lack of preparedness, and anxiety with travel, social events and holidays.

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Why Join?

If you experience frustration and feel that you’ve tried everything, this is the perfect model for you.

Or if you have experienced significant weight loss, but were not able to maintained it. We will see you through to your goals.

You will receive month-to-month 1:1 coaching and the dedication from our coaches for your weight loss goals. Our behavioral coaching provides the persistence and help with accountability measures. Our clients are successful when they engage with our daily communication via text or phone calls with a coach.

Choose one of four options


Choose one of four options


Choose one of four options


Choose one of four options


Choose one of four options



Pick a Coach

Select a coach to exclusively work with for the duration


Gain Insights

Understand macros and calories needed to meet your goals


Target Health

Targeting aging, pregnancy, hormone & menopause issues

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Prioritize health and wellness

You will be joined with a dedicated coach who will prioritize your health and wellness in every area of your life. You will see improvements in your mind, body and spirit. Your energy and confidence will propel you to achieve other big goals in your life!

Lives Have Dramatic Changes