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Single Services Bundle

Get more out of your program with a bundle

Create your own 12-week program

You're in control and able to maintain your own autonomy with this single service bundle program

One Fee, No Contracts, and 1/3 of the Cost

When You Need Flexibility With Your Program

Our Single Services Bundle is flexible and caters to differing goals and allows you to create your own personalized program. We support you for 12 weeks by providing education and accountability through video calls, texting support and modifications.

Our bundles cover a variety of client goals from anti-aging, gut health, busy moms, pre and post-pregnancy, pre-existing conditions, weight loss, support building muscle, performance goals, hormonal issues, PCOS and all types of food allergies, aversions, and preferences.

BUILD YOUR BUNDLE from the following KKW services up to $399:

  • Custom Nutrition Plan $199

  • Custom Workout Plan $189

  • 30-Minute Consult $65

  • After Hours Texting $45/day, $99/weekend, $199/week or $299/month

  • Nutrition Plan Modification $99

Overcome the Barriers

Overcome sugar cravings, poor gut health, lack of energy, hunger, confusion with what to eat and how to combine macros and food groups for optimal health.

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Join Our Most Popular Bundle

If you need frequent levels of accountability with a coach, but want to maintain a level of independence, then you are the perfect fit for this bundle.

Get accountability and education from a coach


Get accountability and education from a coach



Texting Support

On-going text support for education and accountability


Video Calls

Three to six video calls with a coach

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12 week personalized program

Get support to reach your goals.

You decide your plan and strategy while a coach supports you with accountability and education.

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