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Natalie's Story


***Why KKW?***
After dieting and other fads, I found what fits me best and I can honestly say that the things I've learned, and the habits I've formed, I can maintain the rest of my life! This truly is a LIFESTYLE, not a diet!


With diets I tried, I instantly felt like I was limited on what I could eat, or not eat too much in a day and was set to fail. With KKW I still get to eat pasta, rice, pancakes, bread, pork, steak and more and I get to eat 5-6x a day! Plus, I have learned sooo many new recipes and different things to eat from all the amazing coaches and fellow challengers.

***Starting from the beginning...
In 2018, I was introduced to KKW by a friend and did one of the 8 week challenges (and I wasnt crazy about the idea). I was educated on how to balance macros (fats, carbs, proteins) with whole foods and to keep my metabolism going by eating 5-6x a day. Sooo yes..


I eat, and I eat often!! There was a free app that they suggest in which I utilized but decided to use my birthday money to get a customized nutrition plan to make things a little easier starting out. I had great results and better yet, I felt AMAZING!

In September 2019, my husband and I were ecstatic to announce that we were going to finally have another baby! I definitely used pregnancy as an excuse to eat a lot of bad things, especially nutty bars!! Lol.. Unfortunately, I used pregnancy as an excuse to eat like crap...

Also in 2018/19... Many ppl don't know, but my family had more medical issues than I would ever wish anyone to endure in one year's time!.. However, the outcomes were always best case scenario so I tried not to dwell and be blessed for what we had..


I felt ungrateful to if I lost my cool from stress or anxiety bc we were blessed with how well everything turned out. Along with everything going on, I had post partum depression and it was NO JOKE...


bc of the postpartum, I was put on Lexapro and gained 20 lbs in 3 months which is not a good way to get you out of depression! On top of that and all the stress from the year, I had to have a medical procedure that scared me more than anything ever has and made me realize how important my health is and that I need to do everything I can to ensure that I will be here for my family!!


I switched medications and decided I HAVE to do something with my health! I was depressed, constantly fatigued, had no confidence whatsoever, always had heartburn, frequently bloated, easily angered and moody


..... I decided to get back to KKW bc that was where I had success for 8 months until I got pregnant..

***January 2, 2019...

I decided to join the KKW 8 week challenge and get reacquainted to the lifestyle that had so many benefits. I was torn when I joined..I had no motivation and was embarrassed to be at one of my lowest points mentally and physically..


One month in, and I don't have heartburn, I have more energy than I know what to do with, I'm not fatigued throughout the day (even with a 6yr old and 9 month old), I'm motivated, I keep focus, I dont even crave sugar much at all, and Dr Pepper doesn't even sound good which I used to drink once a day! clothes feel better, and I'm HAPPY...


I genuinely have fun with my family and feel I can be an asset to them which is worth more to me than anything in the world.. Guys, mental health is JUST as important as physical health! Don't join just to physically get it for all the other benefits as well!

***If anyone is interested in joining the next challenge, starting May 1, 2020 or even want to learn about KKW, please consider it..who has ever regretted improving their health?


obtain healthy habits by the SLEW of knowledge they give you..I strongly encourage it!! 

Sustainable weight loss and a changed lifestyle

is possible. 







Fit Girl



are you ready 

to start your journey to better health?

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