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Would you
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for KK Wellness?


Watch the video below! 

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Lifelong weight loss solutions

through behavior  modification TM

Prepping for Life™

"Utilizing Scientifically Based Behavioral Principles to Achieve Health and Wellness Goals."

Through a five-stage program, Kelly and her staff guide their clients through examinations of their thoughts and actions regarding food, the objective being to establish a new lifestyle that results in permanent weight-loss.


“We are here to help those interested in more than just a quick fix,” Kelly maintains. “When people have graduated, they understand how to make a meal plan for a week. They’ve been taught—not told—how to eat. They no longer think in terms of what they can’t eat, but in terms of what they won’t eat. They are empowered. Regardless of where they are, they know how to approach food.”

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 awesome benefits

to working with kkw?


All coaching is done 100% online

You can use tools like ZOOM, Facebook, IG and more to get leads and coach clients

You'll get to make your own schedule around your own family needs

We are a community that supports one another and strives for excellence in every way through mentorship, accountability and community 

You'll have the ability to teach online seminars, give live video content and interact with our members online

You can create resources, graphics and workshops to help our clients be the healthiest they can be

You'll have constant communication with other members and mentors on our team

You'll have the opportunity to review merchandise, products and services with our blog that reaches THOUSANDS of people around the world


Become part of a nationally

 and internationally growing virtual nutrition company


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we provide a continuum of services,

and focused on long term behavioral lifestyle coaching in an intensive 1:1 model  

Who are we looking for?

  1. Part time and full time positions available 

  2. Strong sales skills

  3. Strong social media platform and knowledge of selling and promoting on SM

  4. Outgoing personality 

  5. Strong commitment to personal lifestyle of balanced macro based nutrition 

  6. Great on video- strong  public speaking skills

  7. Wellness coaching certification

  8. Degree in Nutrition a plus!

  9. Registered Dietitian a plus!

  10. Required nutrition certifications listed ( With an open commitment to continue with professional development). 


What credentials

are we looking for?






Nutrition Certifications Approved by KKW Professionals

  1. NASM CNC Certified Nutrition Coach.

  2. ISSA Nutrition Certification.

  3. ACE (American Council on exercise) Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

  4. Precision Nutrition Certification level 1 and 2.

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who is on

our current    team?




we have coaches in every background and wellness journey



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