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Real Stories


Basia Mazur

Week 1 measurements:
Weight 133.6lb Waist: 27.25 Belly: 32 Hips: 38.50

Week 8 measurements:
Weight 124.2lb Waist: 27.25 Belly: 30.75 Hips: 36.75

I joined KKW in January 2021 for a eight-week challenge. It was great I’ve lost weight and maintained all year. Even though I ate clean and exercised routinely I still battled a lot of gut issues including bloating, constipation, brain fog and lack of energy.  I decided to sign up for Gutsy Girls eight-week program.


After a consult with Coach Lauren, I was given meal plan with 4 options for each meal and snack time. I was given daily text message support and weekly zoom calls. I also received private login to the GG webpage to view videos for each week, shopping lists, recipes and much more.


The first week I started full elimination of sugars, gluten, dairy and top fodmaps. I started seeing an increase in my energy within days, my brain fog was going away as well as inflammation in my body. I was very surprised that all my meals on my plan did not cause me any stomachache first time ever and I felt full at all times.


By week four I got pretty good handle on how I feel after each meal and what worked for me and what didn’t. By week five my symptoms started improving and we began to introduce new food to my diet, one by one. I’ve learned that roasted and fresh tomatoes upset my stomach, I’m sensitive to dairy and should omit. I’ve also learned that I have low stomach acid that is contributing to my bloat. I’m more aware of what I eat and how my body responds after each meal.


Eight weeks feels long and short at the same time, you must journal every day what you eat and all your symptoms, it’s tiring sometimes, you might feel like giving up when symptoms flare back up again. You have to be patient, remember why you started, and I promise you will be rewarded at the end. Coach Lauren is amazing, she will guide you, encourage you, and give you tough love when needed. My journey is not complete at the eight weeks mark. I still have a long way to go. I’ve been given the knowledge and tools to continue. I highly recommend this program to anyone with gut issues.


Kaitlyn Vance

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Most of you guys probably dont rememeber, so let me refresh your memory. I made a commitment to myself for 2019 that I have stuck to: get my health and nutrition back on track to be my most badass self. #emerging!

I was so focused on leaning out/cutting/getting some ab definition, then around memorial day, the left photo happened. I was eating my normal, very clean food, still working out regularly but my gut was destroyed for unknown reasons. What the heck?! I was so bloated. I hurt. My friends joked and asked if I was sure I wasnt pregnant. It was constant for about 2 weeks. People told me to go see a doctor. Here's some food for thought guys... your gut is responsible for digesting food... so shouldnt food fix it? Doctors arent nutritionists!

I knew a nutritionist is what I needed, and I have a long term relationship with my KKW family. KKW had just launched a brand new, 6 week program called Gutsy Girls. I had a consult with my coach, Heather, and I knew from talking to her just a few minutes, she was the real deal. She is a gut guru and so knowledgeable! My brain wanted to explode. I knew I couldn't do this alone, so I hired her to coach me for 6 weeks through the Gutsy Girl program. I wasnt in it for the physique, I was in it to not feel like 💩 anymore.

Gutsy Girls is an incredibly methodical process. You have an elimination phase to give your gut a vacation, then a reintroduction phase. I found out instantly after bringing certain foods back in what was blowing my belly up like a balloon. Once my gut had reset, it was able to recognize what was causing it so much distress. I found some healthy foods dont agree with me, like egg whites, tomatoes, peaches and whey protein. Weird right? You never know what your body doesnt tolerate til you go through a hard reset.

If you have been to doctors and been given the BS on IBS, taken food sensitivity tests, and cant figure out why your gut is in distress, I promise, Gutsy Girls (and guys!) will change your life. I have more energy, I'm sleeping better, and I know what works for my body now! I feel the best I ever have in my skin. I cant thank my KKW family and incredible Coach Heather enough!

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