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Intensive Elite Nutrition Coaching

Comprehensive behavior and nutrition plan

Let's go beyond with owner Kelly Killen, Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Nutrition Coach

This coaching model is appropriate for clients starting with KKW that need a high level of support and accountability.

Incredible Results from Mindset and Lifestyle Changes

Complete this coaching and walk away with:

✔ Personal awareness of your relationship with food and its limitations

✔ Knowing how to fuel your body on a micronutrient level

✔ A wide variety of replacement and self-management behaviors to lose and maintain weight with ease

✔ Knowing how to fuel your days and workouts

✔ A new Mindset and be a Master of stressful situations

✔ Equipped with the tools and confidence to live a sustainable lifestyle independently

Overcome a lifetime of serial dieting with lifestyle changes

Overcome binge eating, medications, pre-existing conditions, physical limitations, obesity and related issues. Clients learn and overcome a lifetime of serial dieting and learn lifestyle changes through behavioral modification with a licensed behavior analyst and nutrition coach.

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Jump start full fidelity

Access a no fail model to jump start full fidelity, create immediate change and results with the intensive support provided.

Take Advantage of this Cadillac Model Approach


Take Advantage of this Cadillac Model Approach



Text Messaging

Daily texting 7 days a week - no hour limits


Video Conferences

Weekly video calls with Coach Kelly over Zoom


Progress Monitoring

Intensive progress data monitoring


Comprehensive Plan

Behavior and nutrition plan with allowed changes at anytime


Access to VIP Coaching

Free and direct access to coaches, recipes, workouts, community and more. A $79 value.


Eating Freely Access

Free lifetime access to Eating Freely at KKW - a $199 value


Phone Calls

Phone calls with Coach Kelly will be as needed


Private Access

Login access to a private coaching on the website

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get results that last a lifetime

Join the thousands of clients who have lost weight in a sustainable and permanent way focusing on behaviors and not being weight centric.

Results Speak Volumes