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Dorian Medeiros

I reached a point of desperation in my health when my closest friend suggested a KKW challenge.


Having tried every diet, nutrition app, meal replacement bar, etc. I was skeptical.


When I had my phone interview I told Coach Kayla, “if you tell me what to eat, I’ll do it.” I was surprised to see her formulate a plan around REAL foods that I liked.


The meal timing, portion sizes, and behavioral coaching has been life changing. I’m feeling confident for the first time since having my son 4 years ago and I’m not stopping here.


I’m officially prepping for Life


Samuel Higginbotham

My testimony starts with my wife Rachael joining KKW team challenge at the beginning of January 2017. I seen the results of her and started questioning why am I not trying to live longer and get back in shape. Not only to mention that my wife was beginning look like a young lady again, which left me the old man. She convinced me to join in May 2017 and decided the main focus would be the food part. Knowing I’m from down south, we love our food. Especially the unhealthy food.


The first few weeks were hard. However going with our theme that team work makes dream work, me and my wife Rachael developed a food prep day that worked for us. Having your meals ready every day for a week is awesome and it makes you stick to the plan. Just by eating clean I was able to lose 30lbs during the challenge. For the first time in a long time I had a lot more energy and felt awesome. I had decided I would also join the next challenge and implement weights. My wife suggested for me to get a meal plan this time. Of course me knowing everything I told her I was good and didn’t need one. Needless to say after about a week I had a meal plan. This was an awesome experience. Kelsey prepared my plan and was very good at understand where I was and where I wanted to go.


I decided to work out 4-6 times a week and do cardio for at least 3 times a week. My meals were planned in a way that ensured I would get max results for what I was doing. To me this was the key. Being able to work out hard and not lose more weight but cut the fat while building muscles is so difficult. However it worked and I for sure see the results of not only eating clean but working out properly. My body feels younger, my energy is higher then it has been for years, and I just feel better.


I was a shape before but now for the first time in 10 years I can tell you I am in shape. Without my wife taking the first steps there is no way I would have went down this rode. I am very thankful for her. The work I have put in has not been easy but I am dedicated and that is what it takes. KKW and the staff are the best around and their program and coaches kick ass. I look forward to what’s coming and know I have the dedication and support team to achieve whatever goals I go for. 


Emily Cockrell

This is the best gift I've ever given myself. I usually hate the winter, and go into hibernation mode with no motivation to go to the gym. This is keeping me so distracted from the cold and motivated to see changes. I also always get sick this time of the year and knock on wood, I feel amazing. So much energy.


My sleep is so much better quality. Maybe it's the no alcohol. Maybe it's the supplements. Maybe it's the kicking my butt in the gym 5 days a week, but I am going to keep going

I am just blown away with how well this challenge has gone for me, for me it's been a huge lifestyle change. Huge, In the sense that I have done this before, and it's always led me down a destructive self-defeating path.


I finally found the words for it though today, before I would starve myself and was nearly anorexic because I was searching for a sense of complete control. But I just keep laughing now thinking back-- I was the MOST OUT OF CONTROL when I was doing that. I have never felt more in control than I do now.


Stephanie Curry Sutton

I hired Kelly after a year struggling with post competition rebound. I was a figure competitor and had been on a restrictive diet and heavy cardio regimen for some time. With hormone fluctuations and stress on my body from supplements and too restrictive of a diet I started to work with Kelly. 

I have since lost 14 pounds and I have a more flexible eating plan with a better balance in my life and a better relationship with food. My strength has gone up, I have cleaned myself off of many supplements, and I now feel good about my body. My cardio regimen has decreased resulting in less stress on my body. I have fixed ratios of refeeds and treats and my meal plan is flexible offering me a lot of variety.


Meghan Bird

I started my journey to a healthy and fit lifestyle with Kayla in July of 2014. I had reached a point where I was finally ready to acknowledge the ongoing issues I had with my weight. My family and friends had been telling me for about a year that my weight loss was becoming a serious issue. I was 21 years old, 5’8 and 110 pounds.


I weighed myself 3-4 times daily, I would do anything to stay in a size 0, and I would not even come close to acknowledging that I had an issue.

When I started seeing pictures of Kayla’s fitness journey, I decided to reach out to her with the hopes that she would have some advice for me in starting a journey to becoming healthy again.


She did way more than just offer me advice. Kayla jumped right in to this fitness journey with me…helping me calculate my macros, developing a diet plan and daily workout, and contacting me weekly to see how the program was going. Kayla and I have adjusted my plan several times according to my fitness goals. At first, she worked with me to establish a plan that would help me start getting the nutrients I needed to gain healthy weight and put on muscle. 

She taught me the importance of each food group and why each group was so important to my diet. She and I were both shocked at the progress I made in just a few weeks by sticking to her diet plan and lifting 5 days a week. Then, Kayla helped me adjust my plan again to meet personal goals of adding muscle in my legs and booty. It is now a little over 1.5 years later and my life has been changed for the better.


Because of the knowledge that Kayla has given me I am confident in my abilities to adjust my macros, alter my meal plans and my workouts according to my goals. These are things that I NEVER would have been confident enough to do before beginning my fitness journey with Kayla.

When I first met Kayla, my expectations were that she would give me a few words of advice on how to change my lifestyle and how to get started with the changes. To say that she has met my expectations is an understatement. Kayla has been by my side through this journey every step of the way.


Through the hard days where I feel like I am not seeing the results I want, to the days where all I can do is cry when I think about how far I have come, she is there continuously inspiring me and cheering me on to be the best version of myself. Not only has Kayla changed my life for the better, but she has also changed my family’s. They no longer have to worry about my health every day, because they know that for the first time I am confident in myself and the lifestyle I have chosen.

Today, I am proud to say that I have gained 25 HEALTHY pounds! I love going to the gym and have made it a part of my daily routine no matter how busy life gets. Kayla is an amazing coach who I trust completely.


She will stand by you every step of the way and continue to encourage you through those days where you just want to give up. She will remind you that even small progress is progress worth celebrating. I am proud to call Kayla a coach and a friend.

THANK YOU Kayla for making me strong both physically and mentally. I know that my fitness journey is only just beginning and that there are many more accomplishments to be made.


Joanne Hynek

I have struggled trying to lose weight since 1978 after the birth of my 3rd child. With each diet, probably over 10, I would successfully lose what I wanted to only to gain it all back plus more within a year or so! Many of the diets were legitimate diets that actually worked, but did not have a long term program or back up plan!

I finally found myself to be a 60# overweight, 67 year old  post-menopause woman with low self esteem, resigned to the fact that I will be fat the rest of my life. No to mention how unhappy I was with myself!

Late December 2016 my daughters invited me to join them in a weight loss challenge that started January 1st, 2017! I thought it would be fun especially having them do it with me! Fast forward to November 1, 2017 and 3 challenges later I am nearly 60# lighter, a mere shadow of that woman resigned to be fat!

I owe this success to the KK Wellness nutrition coaching. Teaching me to eat whole one ingredient foods in the right way, not leaving out any food group! 75% of the weight came off without exercise...mostly walking and riding my bike! I now have the stamina and desire to go to the gym to tone, strengthen and build some muscle onto these bones I can now see when I look in the mirror!!

My cholesterol levels are all in the excellent ranges now as well as my blood pressure now being normal! I have regained good balance and core strength. Not to mention my self esteem is through the roof!

My new mantra is "Pre/post menopause weight loss is a myth" and I am living proof!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Kelly Killen, Kayla Hartline and KK Wellness!

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