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Child Nutrition Master Class

Convert Your Picky Eaters into Healthy Eaters

Receive tips and recipe ideas to help with the eating game!

Yoanna Vaughan, Board Certified Analyst & Youth Nutrition Coach

Presented by Board Certified Analyst

& Youth Nutrition Coach



Your kids will benefit from a healthy, balanced nutritional foundation as they grow.

kids healthy eating habits

Learn ways to educate and encourage your children to eat well and increase their knowledge in nutrition while limiting a food fight.

Be empowered with strategies that support a positive approach to nutrition that will serve you and your children long term.

Did your picky eaters turn you into a short order cook?

Are you faced with a “food fight” or the “I don’t like that” even before they take their first bite?


Do your kid's food preferences change day to day and you can’t keep up?

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What You Will Gain