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Corporate Challenges

imagine your workforce in its best form

Power up your company with positive, motivated and productive employees.

Through lifestyle, whole foods, nutrition and workouts, your employees and co-workers will feel better, make better decisions, and have more energy.

Unlock your workforce potential 

Our coaches provide winning lifestyle methods and facilitate challenges to ensure success

Up Your Game With Our Winning Formula

Our team of coaches utilize their specialities in behavior modification, psychology, nutrition, fitness, and medicine.

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change you work environment from the inside out

In 8 weeks, your employees and coworkers lifestyles will change with positive eating habits, accountability, exercise and the possibility of winning BIG CASH prizes!

Take The 8 Week Challenge and adopt lifestyle changes


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Create Your Challenge

Your company will be able to build your own unique challenge for your employees


Win Big Money

Challengers with the most change in their composition will win BIG CASH PRIZES


Access Resources

A library of support resource material will be provided to the challengers


Community Support

Find support, encouragement and motivation in our community

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Supporting your employees in leading healthier lifestyles