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True Lemon Seasoning

Updated: Feb 5, 2019


True Citrus Lemon Pepper, Lime Garlic & Cilantro, Orange Ginger, Bonus Includes Lemon & Lime Shaker, No Sodium, Gluten Free, Seasoning Salt Spice Shaker Kit.

Real Review:

Pros: no salt, very flavorful, finely ground, little goes a long way, & love the variety pack. Cons: none I've found thus far!

The orange ginger is great w/roasted beets, the lime/garlic/cilantro over some cubed avacados is yummy, lemon & lime goes good w/water well, & we've used lemon pepper on chicken & fish. Excited to try new ways to use!

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1 Comment

I'm loving the True Lime & True Lemon seasonings to liven especially my broiled fish and baked chicken. A little goes a long way - I find that I don't have to use half the bottle to taste the flavor!

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