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Want to Liven Up Your Water Intake in a Fun and Refreshing Way? Get These ZERO CAL Tea Of a Kind

Updated: Feb 7

Tired of water all the time? Shake up your daily routine with these super fun and refreshing Tea of a Kind Drinks that have ZERO Calories!

  • REAL INGREDIENTS: Tea of a Kind uses real ingredients and keeps them safe and fresh in the patented Vessl cap. Your delicious tea or yerba mate will be just as fresh as the day it was picked.

  • ZERO CALORIES: Contains zero sugars. Sweetened with stevia and monk fruit making for a great alternative to soda, coffee, and other sugary drinks.

  • FITS INTO YOUR DIET: Tea of a Kind is Keto friendly, vegan, and Kosher.

  • PURE & REFRESHING: Enjoy natural Yerba Mate like never before. Simply twist the cap and watch as your bottle of water is transformed into a delicious and flavorful Tea or Yerba Mate.

  • VARIETY PACK: Haven't decided which is your favorite flavor of Tea of a Kind? Give them each a try with this variety pack! Everyone is different, find the flavor for you!


"I came across this brand of tea on Facebook and admittedly was intrigued by the flavoring in the cap. It was a bit disappointing that you can only order in packs of 12 but luckily they offered this variety pack that allows you to try all of their available flavors."

"I found the variety pack to be hit or miss but I really didn't expect to like all of the flavors. The berry basil yerba mate was by far my favorite. I'll likely order a 12 pack of just that."

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