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Real Stories: "I Reversed My Diabetes"

Updated: May 13, 2019

"January 1 was my 2nd anniversary with KK Consulting LLC Wellness Coaching. I was part of the 2017 Spring Challenge. When I took my first pictures; I cried. I cried for days any time I thought of them. Then attempting to dive into the challenge I was overwhelmed. I was emotional over how I looked, my personal and professional life was falling apart. This left me feeling hopeless.

KKW was and is the greatest change in my life. The KKW way of life takes care of you not only with nutrients but also with how you conduct yourself to empower others and exercise self-care. Since my first challenge my medications have drastically decreased, most ailments are being controlled by supplements instead of pharmaceuticals and my diabetes have completely reversed. I am a challenger, a Behavioral Coaching client, a subscription page subscriber and a changed person."

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