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real stories: Elizabeth Darden

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

I am celebrating my 1yr anniversary with KKW. This year has been life altering for me. I knew I was in the readiness phase, but I don't even think that I knew what I was ready for.

I was willing to commit to the 3 months, hoping I'd lose around 30 fast pounds and be in a better place (that is not how it worked). I chose KKW (it certainly wasn't my 1st "diet" - more like my 30th "diet") because there were no magic pills, no crazy restrictions; it fit this goldilocks just right. I seek balance. It just made sense, you know the way we're supposed to eat, but just don't!? But I needed more than that. I needed accountability.

You may not believe this if you know me, but I am a pleaser (and I cry - shhhh don't tell). But I'm a woman, aren't we all pleasers? I knew while I would let myself down 100 times a day, I wouldn't fail someone else. That's the way I saw Chelsey Creswell . She was the wall that stood between my ego and bad choices, and who I wanted to be. She kept me on MY side.

Big reveal. . . 50lbs in 52 weeks. Sounds slow right? (I'm 5'2.75") Sounds awesome to me!

I'm a numbers person, so I'll break it down for anyone who is in doubt. I worked hard at the food. I prep like its my business. I found a discipline I didn't know I had, but surprised no one that truly knows me. I learned that I am all that stands between me and my ego. My weight went up 12 of the 52 weeks.

That's right I gained weight 23% of the time. But that means I was losing 77% of the time! I am a fraction of the person I was before (73% actually with a goal of 66%). Losing a third of what I am, means gaining more of who I am - strong, determined, healthy.

The vanity part is awesome, not going to lie. I have moved through sizes at a staggering pace (16-6). But when I consider the changes in my health (as much mental as physical) this is truly life altering stuff. This journey continues, and I know I'm on a glorious path.

Thank you KKWellness!

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