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Real Life Stories: "I Lost 38lbs in 15 Weeks"

Updated: May 13, 2019

When you’re ready, you’re READY! And Laura certainly was when she enrolled in behavioral coaching. She’s down 38# in 15 weeks!!! As her weight has dropped, her inner peace has grown…exponentially!

When we asked her she said this is what she would want people to know:

(1) For the moms out there, this journey impacts your children. “The one thing we can do for them is to show them how to take care of their bodies.”

(2) Have faith in the process, yourself, and the coaching. “You can’t question the process. You have to trust your coach and the paper.” She admits, “As a control freak, it’s the hardest thing to do!”

(3) Learning about ALL of the victories: aside from the scale and fitting into smaller clothes, part of the equation involves things like sleeping well, thinking clearer, and the absence of knee pain. Those wins kept her going day to day and continuing to make the right choices.

As her coach, I am humbled by Laura’s willingness to completely revise her lifestyle, as well as her belief in the process. She’s stepping out of old patterns and beliefs and into new habits that will enhance her and her family’s lives for decades to come. We are SO PROUD of you, Laura!

Let us help you by giving us the opportunity for 30 minute free consult to see if the behavioral coaching model is something that you want to move forward with. It is our no fail model


We would love for you to see how KKW can get you back to shape, back to good health and living the life you were meant to live!


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