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KK Wellness Consulting FaceBook VIP Member page is FREE for the first 30 days! Billing is delayed for 30 days whether you sign up for monthly payments or annual payments.
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We will ensure that your monthly membership is well worth the value to obtain fresh information and continue to build strong relationships with your coaches.


It will also continue to serve as a discussion forum for KKW coaching clients and subscribers to continue the tremendous family support we have had for one another.



KKW Coach/Clinicians providing education and inspiration daily 


Exclusive discount codes to members from time to time


Recipe files- 400 PLUS


Product reviews monthly 


Clothing bundles & discounts to our members 


We offer monthly giveaway challenges (water challenges, grocery challenges & more ) 


Daily live from a coach- all archived and ready to watch on your time OR interactive 

Moderation Q and A from all coaches daily- ask a question and get a qualified answer 


First access to coach educational webinars  


Community Ambassadors living this lifestyle!  


THE community

starting at $6.58/month

($79/year automatically renews annually or you can choose a monthly option for $7.99 )

KKWellness Consulting FaceBook VIP Member page is FREE for the first 30 days! Billing is delayed for 30 days whether you sign up for monthly payments or annual payments.
Request a refund 
within the first 30 days by emailing here

Each day something new will greet you in this subscription page. Whether it is a behavior pep talk from Coach K, or a cooking demo, or recipe from one of the coaches, a lifestyle hack or tidbit from some of the other coaches.

Look out for weekly FRESH

content by the following contributors: 

Kelly Killen


Kelly Killen - Behavioral topic on spontaneous occasions and chiming in with other hot topics as needed. Kelly or another coach will drop a product review a couple of times a month. 

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Kayla Hartline


Every Wednesday workout ideas & home routines will be dropped to the featured section each week 

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Jennifer Rothemich


Every other Wednesday afternoon live "Mid-week Motivation” at 4pm EST.

Kelsey Robarts

lead coach

“Mom  Bomb” lives, weekly on Fridays at 11AM EST. Taking care of Mom: Maintaining a healthy balance when juggling motherhood without losing sight of your own goals, relationships, and proper health and nutrition. 

Ginny Bishop

Coach & Recipe Contributor

Join Ginny Bishop in her kitchen every other Monday at 8pm EST for “Meal Prep Monday“ where she will whip up another recipe for the community. Ginny will also do another pop in recipe for a total of 3 per month  

Chrissy Shuey


Chrissy Shuey - Every other Monday at 9:30am EST join Chrissy for Mission Mondays. This will be a talk about detours and how we get back to your mission. 

Rachael Higgenbotham


Every 2nd and 4th Friday we'll bring you “Food Fact Friday”. Helping our clients learn the “why” behind what we eat by highlighting the nutritional value of foods. Brought to you some of the time from a grocery store.

Yoanna Vaughn


This Over That- a twice a month post featured on the VIP announcements by Coach Yoanna Vaughn showing some of our favorite comforts or Amazon products and showing a replacement. We are calling her post #THISFORTHAT.
Yoanna will also be contributing to Monday live cooking demonstrations 2 x a month and 1 pop in recipe on the VIP each month. 3 total 

kkw studio photoshoot may 2018 (451 of 6
All Our


Whenever we get a special request or question, at any random part of the week, you will hear sage advice from all of our amazing staff about the problems you're facing on your journey. 

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Reminder: Ginny M Bishop and Yoanna Vaughan will provide our Live Meal Prep segments dropping a total of 6 recipes a month. Each Monday one of coaches will bring a live recipe somewhere between 7-9 PM EST Then they will each do a “pop up” recipe sometime throughout the month. Ginny will do her pop up the first half of the month and Yoanna Vaughan will do hers the second half.

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