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Who Is The Boss of Me?

Why is it that when we begin with the best of intentions, when it comes to health and wellness, we often “fall off the wagon” pretty quickly? We are emotional beings, yet emotions and feelings aren’t always to be trusted. When you feel like your emotions are getting the best of you, ask yourself the million dollar question:

Who is the boss of me?

Living by what we feel is a very shallow way to live. Rise up and overthrow your feelings if you want to have a next level life. Yes, your ego, your flesh, and often your emotions, will fight back, but you can rule over them. If you do that, you will soon see rich rewards in every area of your life–including your health.

When you make decisions toward your fitness goal, they will always be the hard ones. That’s how you know that they are the right ones. You will have to “starve” those feelings of temptation, especially the desire to eat the wrong foods. Once you do that, those temptations will go away.

But if you keep feeding them, keep indulging yourself each time you experience a craving, those temptations will grow. What you need to do is starve it. No, that does not mean starve yourself in the literal sense. It means that you eat to live. Choose calories and macro nutrition for your overall goals.

It’s natural to want to be comfortable, but if you are not uncomfortable you will never grow in any area of your life–whether physically, mentally, or spiritually.

Discipline is not for the present, because it is later on that you will see the reward of all your hard work. Feelings always want instant gratification, but don’t let them rule your life. Discipline builds character, so pay the price for discipline today.

Do you want to live at the surface level? Go deeper. Sew discipline into your life and you will see the rewards and be blessed.


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