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Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Strict deprivation. Overindulgence. Guilt. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Perfectionism to a binge...... and this is what we see over and over! Someone legalistic all week, or for an extended period of time, to include significant caloric restrictions, only to fold into the holidays LIKE WHAT?! Food is at the center of everything and it is near impossible to adhere for increased social events and we have difficulty sanitizing our environments. THERE IS SO MUCH YOU CAN DO.
After one indulgence, the guilt then is the catalyst for an entire holiday of following the same pattern. The more we overly indulge, the more guilt we experience, and the stricter we state we will have to be to make up for it come Monday. Lather , rinse, repeat. It does not work. Guilt pollutes emotions to a negative state then WALA you are EATING due to EMOTIONS. SEE IT IN SLOW MOTION LIKE A TRAIN WRECK.
KKW is not legalistic, we don’t produce ROBOTS, we preach GREY and progress without perfection. Anyone who is listening will get this message, anyone who is in their own way, and hears whar they want to hear, will see it differently.

 Find your peaceful balance. Your middle ground is a satisfying way of eating that you can happily maintain seven days per week. THIS IS DIFFERENT FOR EVERYONE. I REPEAT -THIS IS DIFFERENT FOR EVERYONE. No ups and downs. No on and off. No strict days and cheat days. The middle ground is where the magic happens, because it allows for better overall consistency—and when it comes to results, consistency is king. Ya know when you find that peace and if you are OK with slow consistent progress, ROCK ON SISTER OR BROTHER. ROCK ON. I am a 90% girl, this has been an evolution. Everyone is different and you need to honor your individual needs.
Good enough is freaking good enough. Something is better than NOTHING - pick up even if it is 2 PM and get back on track!
More often than not, this thing called real life happens, and things don’t go according to plan. This is when you have a choice: You can say "forget it!" and go down into the pits of hell ( the ditch I call it) , promising to start next week (which, by the way, is a terrible idea), or you can learn to navigate less-than-perfect, real-life situations and do your best with what’s available. I don’t think I need to tell you which option I vote for. And by the way, a month or several months from now , with this strategy, your once snug jeans will be feeling loose with just going GREY! Lastly, You will get results based on what you do the overwhelming majority of the time. Being able to enjoy the process is absolutely crucial when it comes to sustainability. Give yourself grace and find your flow when circumstances aren’t optimal, and you will get results. Elevation requires separation sometimes! Don’t hook up with the same hooligans. They will be like drinks - drinks - and more cocktails. Drinks turns to food. Catch them for your Christmas coffee or meet them at a Christmas parade or even a Christmas run, but don’t meet them out for dinner or a bar because you know it’s gonna happen. Plan your solid meals and plan your treats. Stay true to moving and do not go to NOTHING for the holiday!!


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