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Bragg Sprinkle Herb and Spice Seasoning- Add Flavor with No Preservatives

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Bragg Sprinkle Herb and Spice Seasoning is one of our coaches' favorites. Simple ingredients and good taste!

Real Review:

All I can say is "Yum!" This combo of spices is delicious. I particularly enjoy it cooked into scrambled eggs. The spices are a little coarser than I expected (with a word like "sprinkle" I expected a finer grind) but that does not distract from the taste. I highly recommend it!

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Looking forward to getting this one in! All of my favorites herbs and spices in one jar!!


This has been my favorite recommendation so far!!!! I love the flavor of this seasoning and I love how versatile it is!!! I use it with eggs, veggies, fish, chicken, beef......and it is delicious every time! It’s amazing how this seasoning can change a boring meal into an exciting one! Sounds funny to say, but so true! (And this is Susie by the way! I think I used my husband’s log-in!)


This seasoning is so good! I use it on everything!

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