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Not a Bucket List Coach

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

I am going to put this out there as a professional coach. I pride myself on what I do. My passion runs deep daily whether I am coaching a behavioral nutrition client or a competition client. 

In my eyes, I see competition differently, therefore I approach my coaching different and it won’t  be for everyone. You choose to compete, it’s voluntary. You see, I’ve developed a deep respect for the sport of Bodybuilding. I have studied it , I have followed it and I have been part of it since 1999. I’ve been a solid BB since 1998. Once you’ve fallen in love with the discipline, the sport, the sacrifice, the culture etc.. you’re all in. It cannot be misunderstood.  Not ANYONE can be a BB. You don’t just see what others do and say “I want to compete”. You begin learning, training and following nutrition guidelines for years. It takes years to develop unless you’ve been an athlete and trained with weight resistance and incredible genetics...... we’ve seen this. You develop your body and mind to endure the sport. 

I am not a coach for a “bucket list” client. I’m going to be as forthright as possible. I’ll push someone to be their best and I won’t make a mockery of the sport. If I’m giving 400% and a client gives ehhh 75% ......not good enough.

I can see why some of the greatest coaches interview and screen their athletes. I have since developed a screening process as well. Every coach should do this as well as every client should interview their prospective coaches. It goes both ways! My athletes are MY BRAND, so if they don’t  give the 400-% I am giving they don’t compete- I should never have to make this decision if I screen my clients properly.

A little 411 - BB is an extreme mental sport.  The fact that I’m not meant to coach everyone is seen as a compliment. I mean this humbly because the athletes who deserve to be on that stage have pushed their bodies to extremes through this sport of eating. To place someone to compete next to them who shows up 65% is a mockery.  The serious athletes and coaches will agree with my stand. 

Coach Chelsey Creswell www.kkwellnessconsulting.com

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