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Instant Pot Friendly Silicon Steam Basket great for veggies!

Want to have the super easy and washable instant pot companion? We would love to introduce you to this awesome little product- a silicon fold-up veggie basket.


  • Enjoy delicious, nutritious foods: Use for steaming all kinds of vegetables, fish & more

  • Handles interlock: Secure-lock handles fit under lid while cooking, and hook into feet for easy storage

  • Protects food: Raised feet protect food from boiling water

  • Flexible: Pleated design accommodates different cooker sizes

  • Smart Lift: Allows you to safely & easily lift food from instant pot after cooking

  • Durable & Safe: Made from Bpa-free Silicone; Heat resistant to 450° F (232° C)

  • Dishwasher Safe: Makes cleanup easy

  • Perfect Fit: Compatible with 6-quart and 8-quart cookers


Check out this REAL Amazon review:

Are use this in my Instant Pot. Are used at the very first day it arrived. After washing it, not it was showing dirt just always wash things that are new before I use them, I cooked a potato on it. I cook a potato in my Instant Pot on a regular basis as it is a great way to cook a potato and I don’t like the texture that microwaving gives a potato. It was easy to cook with and most importantly easy to lift out once the cooking was done and everything was very hot to the touch. Very glad I made this purchase.


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