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Entering a Season of Interference In Your Health Journey? When Aren't You?

In any weight loss or health journey, no one – NO ONE – has success that follows a completely linear path.  And anyone who begins coaching with that expectation is setting themselves up for an ENORMOUS, sobering disappointment.  You will always face challenges, always face SOMETHING that threatens to interfere with your goals.

We are entering the season of interference, my friends.  (Which, um, happens to be every season, by the way!) 

Here are some symptoms:

- “But I have a medical diagnosis, so I have to address that first.”  I empathize, though you are still going to have to eat anyway.  Do yourself a favor, and set yourself up for success by giving your body its best chances for recovery.  What’s the alternative?  Crap in, crap out.  Eat crappy foods, expect to feel crappy.  Conversely, eat with “food as medicine” in mind, and you grant yourself the power of control and feeling like you are actually doing something to help you feel better.  Stop temporarily medicating with foods that ultimately won’t solve any medical issue!

- “But I have mental health issues that I have to address with my therapist now.”  Ditto.  Do yourself a favor, and set yourself up for success.  What’s the alternative?  Stuff or mask your feelings with food, and that fleeting, short-term pleasure gives way to the ultimate hard:  the guilt, bloating, and regret of the aftermath that lasts for days.

- “But I just want a ‘break’ this [summer, season, etc.].”  To me, that statement is code for, “I want to be able to drink with my friends and family on the boat this summer.”  Or, “I want to be able to enjoy everything I envy seeing others eat and drink.”  It’s PERMISSION to do the very things that interfere with results.  It’s all well and good, until the aftermath happens of a 5, 10, or 20-pound weight gain and the “oh sh*t” moment that follows.  How much at peace are you with feeling like you will be at Square One again in the fall…AGAIN?

- “But I’m tired of following my plan day in and day out.  It’s so exhausting.”  Granted, but of which are you truly more tired…the on-again, off-again cycle, seeing others succeed despite their landmines, or eating foods that put your in a better mindset and position in the future?  Put the bit of effort into thoughtfully planning your meals and prepping, and that “tired” feeling dissipates once its been replaced by some wellness wins, both on and off the scale.

- “But it’s expensive.”  Perhaps, but how are you looking at your investment?  Tally up grocery food receipts from coffee shops, groceries, movie theaters, and meals out during a month where you “eat whatever.” Then repeat that exercise with a month where you choose to eat healthfully.  (I dare you to tell me you spend more on the clean foods!)  While you’re at it, don’t forget to add up the medical bills that result from obesity and related chronic illness down the road.  Where would you really prefer to “spend” or “invest?”

Brace yourself, because now it’s time for my, “BUT…”


Shut your inner whiner down, and transform that energy into ACTION.  Step on it, people!  You don’t get the “whining ticket” if you aren’t DOING something with your “failures.”  Allow them to be your fuel, and you may be incredibly surprised with what happens.

In summary, (1) you have more within your power and control than you likely realize.  (2) You will encounter ill-timed and unexpected threats to your goals of all kinds, and they will throw you for a loop from time to time.  (3) How and how swiftly you get back up will define your failure or your success.  (4) Moments of making the harder-but-healthier choice will occur. 

And – the best BUT of all – you CAN succeed.


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