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Choose your HARD

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Choose your HARD 

Questions I get asked a lot regarding the lifestyle of whole balanced nutrition to meet your goals and you might too.  

Is it always hard? Does is get easier?  

Yes, a lifestyle of whole foods is hard because it’s you fighting a world of temptation everyday and taking the disciplined route for your outcome. You’re choosing to avoid the easier route. How you choose to RESPOND  to “ its harder “ is up to you. I thrive on HARD cause I equate it to “so worth it”. What’s the easier route and what is the harder route you might ask? 


Easier -

1. Avoiding food prep

2.Skipping meal times because it is going to interrupt  a work day flow or activity 

3. Skipping the gym cause you’re tired (becoming a reoccurring theme) sometimes I ask you guys to honor your body.  

4. Going with the majority at a party or event when clearly you know goals have not been met. 


Harder : 

1. Time committment to staying ahead of food prep 

2.  Getting all meals/ water as written or planned daily - scheduled into your calendar if need be. Whatever it might be ( plan, macros, flexible intuitive whole foods)

3.Managing your time and ditching the excuses for not going to the gym based on your goal. Setting yourself up for a reasonable expectation and doing it. 

4. Saying NO to people and situations that tear you down and sabotage you. The hardest part of this lifestyle is discovering friends that are now holding you back. Being healthy is a minority thing in our society. Its 23% -I am not making this up. 


Does it get easier ??? 
Oh yeah baby!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah

Everybody and their mom, brother, aunt, sister wants to drink your koolaid! Your energy sky rockets, your clothes get huge, you feel strong,  your skin glows, you wake up clear, you take pride in your appearance, you develop self love habits and self esteem. You grow a strong powerful muscle each time you make the harder decision and you don’t DIE. It gets easier when you DO NOT  avoid social situations but you have a plan for them with NO SHAME in your game.  Temporary anxiety is fleeting when you have to be the minority vs the long standing anxiety that lingers for a week because you took the easier way. It’ll get easier when you remain consistent and convicted. Many individuals who commit to this have committed and failed and committed and failed a million times in front of their family and friends because they had a stop and go dieters mentality. Not only are they doubting their commitment, but the family is going “oh here we go again - when is this phase going to end” 


Once you’re convinced this is a lifelong -mucky (progress not perfection)  lifestyle with no finish line and your conviction becomes quite evident to everyone around you - THEN IT BECOMES easier. It starts with you not worrying about what anyone thinks.

They are entitled, after all they have seen this a million times previously- what they should NOT do is discourage you and or enable you. 

Refer to you tube video : 


They’ll do none of that when you’ve dropped all the weight ,you’re happy and high on the MAINTAINED lifestyle. 

It’s always hard- always. Your choice of how you mentally respond to a challenge of “hard” determines your success. However the silver lining is —IT GETS EASIER with this mindset shift! Remember the mantra!! It is  not I cannot- IT IS  I  DON’T.


Kelly Killen, BCBA, LBA Advanced Certified Nutrition  Certified Wellness Coach, Spencer InstituteTM KK Wellness Consulting, LLC

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