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Prepping for Life

"Utilizing Scientifically Based Behavioral Principles to Achieve Health and Wellness Goals."

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8 week challenge

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Finding a personal balance is important, especially when life is busy and schedules get crazy.


With daunting research concluding that 95% of individuals who start a diet to lose weight end up putting it back on, we only coach individuals through behavior change regarding their relationship with food.


At KK Wellness Consulting LLC, our goal is to provide a comfortable environment that fosters healthy lifestyles changes that convert into slow, steady, and permanent weight loss.

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... "But 80 percent of maintaining good health comes from proper nutrition. Additionally, roughly 80 percent of the food on shelves of supermarkets today didn’t even exist 100 years ago.”

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Through a five-stage program, Kelly and her staff guide their clients through examinations of their thoughts and actions regarding food, the objective being to establish a new lifestyle that results in permanent weight-loss.


“We are here to help those interested in more than just a quick fix,” Kelly maintains. “When people have graduated, they understand how to make a meal plan for a week. They’ve been taught—not told—how to eat. They no longer think in terms of what they can’t eat, but in terms of what they won’t eat. They are empowered. Regardless of where they are, they know how to approach food.”


“Few people realize that they don’t have to order from the menu when eating out,” Kelly continues. “Most restaurants have a lean protein and a complex carb that they’ll prepare for you. I tell clients, ‘Don’t open the menu. Be the first at your table to order, and order the food you know you should eat. Then hand back your unopened menu and watch the social impact it has on everyone else. You’ll leave the restaurant completely satiated, feeling like a rock star.’”

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