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Kelsey Robarts

KKW Lead Coach

For over twenty years, Kelsey has been passionate about health, wellness, and fitness. As an avid figure skater from childhood through college, Kelsey spent most of her free time training for her sport and knew at a very young age that she wanted to have a career in the fitness and nutrition world. Following receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management and Marketing and Marshall University, she followed that dream of helping others and furthered her education in Nutrition.

Now a full time and lead coach for KKWellness, having been in the nutrition industry for over a decade (and counting), she couldn’t find a better career if she tried. Being a working Mom of two, health and wellness has never been more important to Kelsey, not only for herself, but for her family, as well as her clients. Since becoming a mother, Kelsey more than ever understands the struggles of balancing it all- family, work, relationships, fitness and beyond, and very much enjoys educating and encouraging her clients daily of how to prioritize themselves even amidst all of life’s chaos. Kelsey frequently says “you cannot pour from an empty cup” and always reminds her clients of that.

Kelsey holds several qualifications in the health and nutrition space including Precision Nutrition Level 1 and Level 2 Master Nutrition coach, Girls Gone Strong Pregnancy and Postpartum Nutrition specialist, Certified Wellness Coach with Spencer Institute, as well as Emotional and Binge Eating Specialist through Eating Freely.

In her free time, Kelsey loves spending time with her husband and children, her family and friends, traveling (side note- she LOVES food and trying the different cuisines in every city she visits), beach days, playing tennis, and shopping (she has always had a love of fashion). Kelsey absolutely loves supporting her clients and helping them reach their true potential and is forever thankful to have been part of the KKWellness team since its early days and to support so many of our clients! 

Kelsey Robarts
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