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Kelsey Robarts

Lead Coach

For over fifteen years, Kelsey has been passionate about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. An avid figure skater from childhood through college, Kelsey spent the majority of her free time training for her sport, and knew at a young age that she wanted to have a career in the field. As a result, after graduating from Marshall University with a Bachelor's in Sports Management and Marketing, she pursued her dream of helping others and became a Certified Personal Trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association.


She is experienced in individual as well as group personal training and loves motivating her clients to reach their greatest potential. After the birth of Kelsey and her husband's daughter, it became more important to her to not only implement fitness into her daily life, but nutrition as well, not just for her well-being but also her family's. As a result, Kelsey received her Level 1 Sport and Exercise Nutrition certification through Precision Nutrition. Throughout the years, Kelsey has learned that nutrition and exercise go hand in hand, and feels very passionate in teaching others the importance of both, and what a wonderful life you can live when you are actively living a healthy lifestyle. Kelsey will be a coach on the subscription page, and provide one time custom nutrition and workout plans. She will also coach in the challenges we have online.

Kelsey Robarts
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