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Sugar Slayers

next round Starts Saturday, April 1, 2023!

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Your ticket to glowing skin, increased energy, and kicking that sugar addiction for good

This is a workshop designed for individuals who are interested in making a healthy lifestyle change.


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what will I learn?


Beer Tasting

Learn how to  reduce your overall sugar intake
(inclusive of alcohol

and processed foods)


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Learn long-term strategies for keeping sugar intake low


On the Scales

Gain knowledge on how sugar affects your body

(including hindering

weight loss goals!)


what is included in the cost?


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LAST LIVE Sugar Slayer
Course Offered

Guidance and education from Coach Jenn throughout the 30 day program

New resources – educational videos, infographics, and readings dropped weekly

Moderation of questions and group discussion on the page

$300 in Giveaways

More than 60 recipes
offered in a cookbook PLUS 10 NEW never seen recipes

Weekly Facebook live videos &

Daily posts and support

from Coach Jenn

Slayers losing up to 7 pounds of weight and inflammation

Community support with fellow members- ask questions,

post for accountability,
and/or lend a motivating hand

This final course is being 
offered at 40% OFF

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are people saying?


“I have been a slave to sugar for so long that I thought I would never climb out of the spiral downward. To go 3 weeks with no sweets or added sugar is amazing. My cravings are diminishing, foods like sweet potatoes and grapefruit taste sweeter, my skin is clearer and  sleeping better at night. Having a concrete strategy to change my behavior and avoid giving in to a craving is life changing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“Learning about my thought processes surrounding sugar and how to start changing those deep ingrained habits has been eye opening.”

“I can honestly say that before I started this program I thought I had heard it all about sugar.”

“The course was all laid out in layman’s terms - no more textbook jargon! Thank you so much for the videos and worksheets as they too helped to guide my thoughts and decisions.”

“My skin is clearing up- my face is definitely not as oily and my pores are less noticeable!”

“This course is a great combination of science and motivation.”

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