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nutrition plans

Our proven and sustainable methods are what you need to start your health journey. 

Healthy Meal
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This is  

real food

see some real dishes

from real clients

Carbs? Yes.

Full meals? Yes. 

Starving? No! 


Looking for a Bundle? 

12-Week Single Service
Bundle Program 


This non-contractual program is bundling one face-to-face Zoom meeting per month for 12 weeks - three total meetings with a coach!  The meetings will be set upon mutual agreement between the coach and client.

Included in this bundle is the following:


  • A custom nutrition plan, which includes a 45-minute, face-to-face Zoom meeting to create your individualized plan. 

  • A 45-minute face-to-face Zoom call for a plan modification. 

  • A 60-minute face-to-face Zoom consult to discuss how to continue your success.

As an added value, after the 12 weeks you can choose to turn in your before and after photos for the chance at the largest transformation in the calendar year at KKW. A before and after hashtag will be provided to you for these photos and they must be visible in the photos. Clients are encouraged to join the KKW Member Page to receive group coaching and support.

If additional support is needed, you will have the opportunity to purchase additional single services, as appropriate.

This 12-week program may be repeated as many times as you would like; however, all services included in this bundle must be scheduled and rendered within 12 weeks from the date of the first meeting.


NUTRITION or athlete plan


Get an optimized nutritional plan tailored to your needs. To make this possible, we assess and analyze your current nutrition and exercise routine. We create a personalized day one and day two rotation with exhaustive lists for meals 3 and 5 that you will be required to build your own meals with during your weekly preparation.

We do not provide specific recipes, however we encourage you to subscribe and plug into a private client KKW support system on Facebook to share preparation ideas. If needed, we charge an additional one-time fee for maintenance and coaching services in order to modify an existing plan if that is needed in the future.

Please note that each time a plan is revised, we charge a minimal fee of $99. This service is listed on our website. You will get macros, a final plan, a one hour video call, and opportunity to provide feedback while the plan is drafted. We look at your day, schedule, limitations, history with food, and goals before writing a lifestyle plan specific to you! 



with one of our
coach clinicians

Do you need a professional consult to assist you with your current fitness and/or nutrition needs? Do you seek a professional to assist you with next steps? Are you unsure and have questions about your current programming? Schedule a consult to have all your questions answered. To get direction towards your next steps in your fitness and nutrition journey. This service is $55 for 30 minutes or $89 for 60 minutes. This is over Zoom only.
No face to face consults in an office. 

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are you ready 

to start your journey to better health?

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