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this behavior

webinar series is

designed for those ready to target behavior change that reinforces a healthy lifestyle change!


Are you unable to kick those habits that keep you in the vicious cycle of yo-yo-ing, which leads to negative thoughts and discouragement from "failing?"



Webinar Goals (1).png
1 (5).png

Identify meaningful goals while identifying strategies to overcome barriers keeping you from your success. 

2 (5).png

Set attainable goals focusing on the outcome as well as your process and performance.

3 (5).png

Develop a system to adopt new habits.

4 (5).png

Identify your WHY, what will motivate you and what will reward your newly adopted habits and make them stick. 

5 (4).png

Set up a relapse prevention plan: There is NO going back!

6 (3).png

Develop skills to reframe your thoughts when things get sticky.


What’s Included: 

  • 1.5 hour Initial Webinar: review workbook, set up challenge, discuss individual targets

  • 30-day challenge

  • Midpoint check in and consult with Coach Yoanna

  • 1.5 Hour Final Webinar to discuss what was learned, replacement behaviors, successes and struggles, continuing to stay the course, Participant stories.

  • Email Access to Yoanna

  • Weekly check in and survey emails

  • Workbook

  • 4 CEU hours included for all BCBAS



let's do this!


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