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What Workout Did the KKW Coaches Do With the Washington Redskin's Cheerleaders?

June 15, 2019 the KK Wellness Coaches took a road trip to the Washington D.C. area to meet with an elite group of athletes. Athletes who work very hard but have minimal support staff and get little of the glory. Athletes who already LOOK amazing but, as we all know, health starts from the inside.

Inside a bubble dome, the KK Wellness Coaches were introduced to the 2019-2020 Washington Redskin’s Cheerleaders and led them through a grueling workout.

So how did this meeting even happen? Many of the cheerleaders were already following KKW coaches on Instagram and saw the incredible results clients were having. One of the cheerleaders signed up as a client and the cheerleading coaches noticed the difference. Recognizing the potential, they reached out to see what could be done.

The cheerleaders vary in age (18 years old to 36 years old), body type, and needs. While they get plenty of exercise, they also needed guidance on their nutritionlike so many of us do. A one-size-fits-all meal plan was NOT going to work with such variety. So KKW took the time and made a personalized plan for each woman. They also have a private Facebook group so that they can support each other and have easy access to their coaches.

As part of their job, they weigh in twice a week, which doesn’t always lead to healthy choices on days when the scale isn’t out. That meant that they were eating for the scale instead of eating to live. And with such a demanding job, the cheerleaders need consistency in nutrition!

This coaching program will last eight weeks, which puts the final weigh in and pictures at the end of August. Pictures are always more accurate than the scale to see real change.

Are you ready for that work out? Most of the KK Wellness Coaches even reported the next day their legs were tired. The workout is all body weightyou don’t need any equipment and you can do it with very little room. You can click HERE to check it out!


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