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Ways To Treat Yourself Without Eating

We eat when we are happy. We eat when we are sad. We eat when we are stressed. We have turned eating into the appropriate reaction for everything.

We have turned food into our go to reaction to help deal with things. When really we should be focusing on self-care. Most of what we eat in these circumstances really is not beneficial to us in the long run and not self-care at all- more like self-sabotage.

So Here Are Some Ways To Treat Yourself Without Eating:

Facial/Nails/Mani/Pedi/Massage- This may be an obvious one but I often forget that a day at the spa doesn't have to be as expensive as I think. My last manicure was only $15 before tip. And my nails feel pretty for days! Consider setting aside some time to have someone pamper you.

Get Hair Blown and Styled- This is a new thing I am so excited has become a thing. Salons now are washing and styling your hair without having to pay for a haircut. There are few things more relaxing then have someone wash your hair.

Journaling- I am big fan of journaling. So much so that I wrote a post on How To Use a Journal on Your Health and Wellness Journey! It is incredibly therapeutic to be able to write down your struggles and victories. Grab a spare notebook and start writing.

Light a Candle- What is it about watching fire that is so calming? For me especially Woodwick candles are incredibly relaxing.

Read a New Book- Go to the library and grab the newest book by your favorite author. Or find the free book downloads on Amazon and grab a few things for your Kindle. If you want to find something to read to help you on your journey check out What Your Health and Wellness Coaches Wish You Would Read.  

Try a New Make Up Tutorial- You Tube is a treasure trove of videos to help you try new things with your make up and hair. Do some searching online and try a new look with products you already have!  

Book a Photo Shoot So You Can See Your Progress- Nothing makes you feel better than seeing how great you look after making positive lifestyle changes in a great photo. Pick a fun theme and go to town with hair, clothes, lighting and more!

Go for Walk- My favorite podcast is "Stuff You Missed In History Class" and at night I try to take a walk and listen to past episodes. Find some music or a podcast you like and listen to it while you go for a walk. Or if you have somewhere peaceful leave the phone at home and just listen to nature.


Listen to Relaxing Music- Create a relaxing playlist or find one online. Take a moment, lie down and listen to something while you breathe deep. It works every time (f you can get people to leave you alone long enough to do it).

Paint- Creating something new is a wonderful feeling. Painting classes are popping up all over the place or you can grab supplies at your local art store and create at home!

Long Bath- How good does that bath look? That's the tub of an actual KKW Member taking some time to relax. That feels better than any snack could ever taste.

Quilting (Or Some Other Crafting Project)- No matter if it's quilting, scrapbooking, working with vinyl or coloring take that project and use it to relax!

Do a Yoga Session-  If you don't have a gym to access yoga classes look online! There are tons of classes on youtube as well as Amazon Prime and other digital streaming services.

Get Your House Cleaned- Getting my house cleaned is the best money I spend every month. Coming home to a clean house is practically magic. Find a service you trust and schedule a cleaning.

Meal Prep Service- Ready to take some time off from meal prep? Check out a meal prep service in your area and grab a week's worth of food as a treat!

Buy Yourself Flowers- I just did this! My local grocery store had flowers deeply discounted. I have smiled every time I have seen them over the last few days.  

Go to a Matinee Alone- Do you have a movie you want to see but can't find anyone to go with you? Go by yourself! You can pick your own seat and not have to smell popcorn from the person sitting next to you.  

Head To The Beach Alone- The beach is my happy place. Something about the sounds, smells and sights are so calming. Other people like the mountains or the lake. Wherever you find peace take some time!

Puzzles- If you need a relaxing activity that can take a few days to finish puzzles are your answer! Put one out for a few days and work on it when you have time.

Learn a New Sport- If you have wanted to learn something new now is the time! Check out that sport you have always wanted to try.

Throw Hatchets (Trust Me its Healing)- I can't personally vouch for this but the person who recommended it loves it. There are several places in my area that offer this service and you might find them in yours too!

Walk the Dogs- This will make you and the pups feel better. Get some fresh air and spend some time with the animals who love you the most.  

Go For A Run- Nothing makes you feel better like an endorphin rush. For those who love running few things feel better than a good run. Set aside some time to get in a run and give yourself some extra time to exercise and time alone.

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