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Versa Gripps FIT Authentic Claim To Be The Best Training Accessory in The World. Are They?

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

So are Versa Gripps FIT Authentic gloves really the best training accessory in the world?

- PATENTED & PROVEN as the #1 MOST ADVANCED TRAINING ACCESSORY IN THE WORLD. Proudly, MADE IN THE USA with only the Highest Quality Materials and Unmatched Workmanship.

- FEATURED ON FRONT COVERS OF TOP FITNESS MAGAZINES Used by Top Athletes, Celebrities & Professional Sports Teams Around the World. Versa Gripps® Empowers All Athletes to Train Better®.

- ULTRA-SLEEK FIT FOR SMALLER HANDS & NARROW 1 INCH WRIST STRAP keeps the wrist in a safe & supported position while training. Versa Gripps® FIT promotes smooth flowing movements for the Mind-Muscle connection & to optimize any fitness routine.

- SHORTER & SLIMMED DOWN GRIP PORTION is Custom Designed to Fit Smaller Hands with Light/Medium weight.

- EXCLUSIVE "NO-SLIP" CUSTOM ENGINEERED MATERIAL Made Exclusively for Versa Gripps® USA. Scientifically-Formulated to be Hypoallergenic, Antimicrobial and Antibacterial. Maintains a Superior Grip.

- NEW! BUILT-IN ARCH SUPPORT Offers PROTECTION FROM CARPAL TUNNEL and Protects Hands from Nerve Damage while Promoting Healthy Circulation to Hands and Wrists. For Pulling & Pushing Exercises ALL IN ONE USA Trademark (3205261) International Trademark (1110641) Patent (5813950)

Real Review:

"Not sure how I ever deadlifted without these. These have upped my deadlift game significantly. I can now lift more weight and do more reps without my grip tiring. In the past, my grip would tire long before my legs, so I had to give up before I wanted to. Now I can deadlift to my heart's content. These have been great for push exercises as well. For instance, I am able to do more overhead presses with more weight with these grips. These are high quality and will last me a long time. For reference, I ordered the size small and they fit perfectly. I think any female (unless you have very large wrists) would be a size small."

Check out this review from Coach Kelly Killen:

The best investment I have made in my thirty years of strength training. As your weights increase, the grip becomes increasingly difficult when grabbing straight bars or completing pull ups. Not with the versa grips. Let the glove do the gripping for you and allow your muscles to take the load versus your joints, wrists and hands. Best investment for anyone seriously strength training!

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