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I don't feel like s____ anymore

Most of you guys probably dont rememeber, so let me refresh your memory. I made a commitment to myself for 2019 that I have stuck to: get my health and nutrition back on track to be my most badass self. #emerging!

I was so focused on leaning out/cutting/getting some ab definition, then around memorial day, the left photo happened. I was eating my normal, very clean food, still working out regularly but my gut was destroyed for unknown reasons. What the heck?! I was so bloated. I hurt. My friends joked and asked if I was sure I wasnt pregnant. It was constant for about 2 weeks. People told me to go see a doctor. Here's some food for thought guys... your gut is responsible for digesting food... so shouldnt food fix it? Doctors arent nutritionists!

I knew a nutritionist is what I needed, and I have a long term relationship with my KKW family. KKW had just launched a brand new, 6 week program called Gutsy Girls. I had a consult with my coach, Heather, and I knew from talking to her just a few minutes, she was the real deal. She is a gut guru and so knowledgeable! My brain wanted to explode. I knew I couldn't do this alone, so I hired her to coach me for 6 weeks through the Gutsy Girl program. I wasnt in it for the physique, I was in it to not feel like 💩 anymore.

Gutsy Girls is an incredibly methodical process. You have an elimination phase to give your gut a vacation, then a reintroduction phase. I found out instantly after bringing certain foods back in what was blowing my belly up like a balloon. Once my gut had reset, it was able to recognize what was causing it so much distress. I found some healthy foods dont agree with me, like egg whites, tomatoes, peaches and whey protein. Weird right? You never know what your body doesnt tolerate til you go through a hard reset.

If you have been to doctors and been given the BS on IBS, taken food sensitivity tests, and cant figure out why your gut is in distress, I promise, Gutsy Girls (and guys!) will change your life. I have more energy, I'm sleeping better, and I know what works for my body now! I feel the best I ever have in my skin. I cant thank my KKW family and incredible Coach Heather enough!

Find our more about our intensive coaching program with our free 30 min consult with one of our certificate coaches.


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