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Easy Instant Pot Cold Start Pistachio Yogurt

The recipe was shared by Coach Brandy in the KKW Member Room on Facebook. When you belong to the KKW Member Room you have access to hundreds of recipes like this, as well as live broadcasts from the coaches, support from other members, give aways and exclusive coupon codes!

If you are looking for a healthier, more whole foods option to the yogurt you find in the store check out this simple recipe. Only three ingredients! And feel free to switch out the pistachio for any flavor you like!


1.5 L Fairlife f/f milk

2 Tbsp 0% Fage yogurt

1 box pistachio s/f jello instant pudding mix


Add ingredients in instant pot


Push yogurt setting for 8 hours

Chill when done

Yield: 6 - one cup servings


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