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5 Steps to Beat A Workout Slump & Generate Fresh Motivation

It's a place we have all been- from coaches to clients to seasoned professionals. The elite athlete AND the gym newbie. NO ONE is exempt from hitting the motivational BRICK WALL while pursuing health goals.


The only difference between those that actually REACH their GOALS and those who don't is the ability to get back up...and not BLINDLY, either, but PURPOSEFULLY.

No two journeys are the same and the reasons we get thrown off vary greatly. Maybe you're physically sick. Maybe work deadlines have LITERALLY been requiring you to allot all your time and energy to the bottom line. Maybe you've been doing the same program for too long and boredom has overcome your energy. Your body and MIND are telling you IT IS TIME FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

Here Are Five Steps To Beat A Workout Slump:

1) Take a break

Consider this your hall pass to SLOW. IT. DOWN. Put down the weights, take off the running shoes and stop what you're doing for the next 5-7 days {whatever feels good to you}. Taking a break gives you time for other work to be done and it's essential for your long term progress.

DON'T FREAK OUT about moving backwards! Research shows that muscle doesn't begin to atrophy, or weaken/break down, for at least 2 weeks {in some cases, not until 6 weeks}. Your cardiovascular/endurance strength won't even begin to decrease until 1 to 2 weeks of inactivity. Cardio strength is also the quickest to build back up when compared to muscular strength. So REST EASY, your progress won't be lost.

If you DO feel called to get in some movement, do something light and different. Get outside for a few good walks... keep that blood pumping and your rhythm going, but fuel your head and heart while doing it.

Taking a break will make your new routine FEEL THAT MUCH BETTER and ENERGIZE YOU to get back in the groove!

2) Return to your "Why"

When we start a new workout program we are usually BURSTING with excitement and visions of our future selves frolicking on a beach like J.Lo in the surf... and HECK YEAH, that's one hell of a feeling! And YOU CAN feel that sexy! But it's also just short term motivation.

Reaching for an aesthetic is fine {within reason, because honestly, WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE COPIES OF EACH OTHER}, but there is always a deeper "WHY" below the surface of looking a certain way. Now's the time to DIG DEEP and recall yours!

Your homework is this:

1) Grab a piece of paper and number it 1-10 (Some people have a journal like this one).

2) Numbers 1-5, write down 5 feelings you want to feel when living your best life in YOUR UNIQUE BODY

3) Number 6-10, write down 5 things in your life that would improve when you feel this way


THIS is the stuff that really matters... because how we FEEL radiates into EVERY crevice of our lives. When we FEEL LIKE CRAP, our experiences become LACK LUSTER.

YOUR "WHY" is your reminder you deserve to live your life and move your body VIBRANTLY. Your "WHY" is your reminder that you were placed to LIVE on this Earth, not just EXIST. You are worth nothing less than that!

Stick this list where you'll see it most often: on your mirror, in your wallet, in your Notepad App on your phone...wherever! Just so long as it's easy for you to recall with very little effort.

3) Make a new playlist

Evidence shows that music has the POWER to help us generate the mindset and emotions of any alter ego we desire.

Music is a majahhh part of our workout routines, and we know from past experience that the right music can be the difference between being truly IN a workout {mind, body & soul} or only being half present. The wrong music can get old realllllyyyy fast!

And what works for YOUR FRIEND, may not work for YOU. That means, no sharing playlists! Start choosing instructors who play music your inner fire agrees with, and add FRESH NEW SOUNDS to your playlist routinely!

Consider your list of 5 feelings ... what music makes you FEEL the feeling your wrote down RIGHT NOW, as you are? What sounds make your body want to keep MOVING despite any pain or tiredness? What SONGS can you just NOT STOP LISTENING TO and make you smile or feel powerful?

Make a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW MUSIC PLAYLIST...and fill it with WHATEVA' gives you all the feels you want to feel. This is your added incentive to not only make that workout happen, but make it fun, enjoyable and something to look forward to. {Also works great for Meal Prep!}

4) Listen to your body

Sometimes when we do TOO MUCH of working towards an aesthetic, we FORGET to tune in to what movement our bodies really crave. And when I say body, I mean our mind & soul, as well. Ignoring those signals for too long can create resistance in the body, increase stress and put added pressure on our adrenals.

Take a pause to identify HOW it is you genuinely enjoy moving your body. Are you currently coming out of a really stressful or emotional time? Perhaps MORE yoga needs to be worked into your regimen than you had in the past. Maybe you really enjoy dancing in your bedroom {totally guilty!} or when out with your friends...something that is typically thought of as "fun" can actually become a workout {have you SEEN some of these dancers' bodies?!}

Is there a class you can sign up for, or a new workout you can stream a few times a month? Or perhaps, in another chapter of your life, you were a swimmer or gymnast or other type of athlete...are these activities you miss, that made you happy? Honey, get back into it!! Find a local rec team or a pair up with someone in the community if it encourages you to try something new!

It's funny, as adults, we stop playing. You don't have to be a child to PLAY!

For some reason, as we get older, we equate moving our bodies to more WORK. Remember when we were kids and moving was COMPLETELY NATURAL? It's because we DID what we LOVED. Tap into YOUR UNIQUE SPIRIT, and mix it into your regular routine to compliment the workouts leading up to your goals. You not only work towards your goals, but you develop an active lifestyle that is ALIGNED with who YOU REALLY ARE. And an active lifestyle is one of the best ways to ensure you get to KEEP any goals you reach.

5) Create a written plan

Perhaps the biggest issue we see with our clients, and with MOST well-intentioned people trying to get in shape, is a lack of structure. Structure, however, can be one of the most motivating ways to stick to your game plan!

Think of it this way: If you had a business idea, would you just quit your job and start it up without a plan as to how it would launch? HECK NO! You'd set milestones! And ultimately, these steps would lead to a guaranteed LAUNCH, with a real foundation, a real product, a real price, a real store, and so on. As long as you follow the steps, it's practically GUARANTEED.

The SAME TACTICAL PLANNING APPLIES to reaching physical goals. There is something about seeing boxes, appointments, to-do's, or steps checked off a list that helps assure our brains we are headed in the right direction. It's also a measure of progress that NO ONE CAN DENY because it's written right there where everyone can see it!


FEAR.... It is always fear that we will lock ourselves in to something we cannot commit to.

Sure, it's GREAT to have flexibility, but flexibility allows A LOT OF ROOM for excuses. The end goal is NOT AS REAL, the promises to ourselves are NOT AS FIRM, therefore they can be broken or pushed aside easily without guilt. We flail along, HOPING results eventually come, which they inevitably do not.

A flexible workout schedule is great for those that have established an ability to maintain a consistent frequency that gets them where they want to be. But it's my personal opinion that flexibility is NOT something the newcomer or the person struggling to be consistent should have. {Sorry! Not Sorry!}

If you desire the feeling of ACCOMPLISHMENT, write DOWN your promises to yourself! There is a sense of accomplishment and commitment by checking them off.

Writing down your scheduled workouts also takes the THINKING part out of the process. When your plan is already there in front of you, all YOU have to do is change your clothes. Your mind already knows what it HAS to do and what it's working on. All of your energy can be reserved for just DOING IT. An automated process is typically the most efficient process...and in this day and age of jobs, babies, errands, and obligations, efficiency is JUST what we need.

So how to do this planning exercise?

Simple: grab a calendar to write in your workouts. Post it where you can see it. Use stickers, markers, make little doodles, whatever makes you happy, and cross them off. You might be surprised at your satisfaction in seeing the days checked off knowing you kept your promises and are headed in the right direction.

Be fierce, be fabulous, be true to what you need, but most of all be true to what you DESERVE. You got this! And if you ever need an extra boost setting up a workout plan or building a fitness lifestyle, CALL US UP! Nothing great was ever accomplished alone, and that's what KKW is here

to help you with!


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