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The No Hangover Alcohol Substitute Supplement Drink

Want an alternative to alcohol with out all the guilt?

Coach Kelly LOVES this supplement that gives you the same relaxed feeling with no hangover.


See the Product Description Here:

High Rhode has a taste of its own. Notes of hibiscus open the palette while Rhodiola delivers a grounded earthiness with the astringency of a bitter herb. Orange peel and white grape bring bright and bitter undertones, gentian and licorice leave a slight tingle on the tongue. Euphorics are different for everyone, but produce an overall feeling of rising: an elevating blend of sensations including relaxed focus, replenished energy, and lifted mood. Once our well-being is restored, our individual rise becomes collective resonance, allowing us to more meaningfully connect with the people around us. Euphorics typically kick in between 10-15 minutes of consuming a single 2 oz. serving, and each subsequent serving sustains — not intensifies — our rise.


See this real five star review on Amazon:


Love this stuff! I’ve been in the nutrition field for over 30 years so I try a lot of things and I’m very healthy. I know that not everything works for everybody, doesn’t mean it’s not a good product, just that it may not be what your body needs. That being said, this product is definitely for me! I’m hooked on it, it relaxes me, in a weird way makes colors brighter, the world softer and generally makes me feel noticeably better. I mix it with non-alcoholic ginger beer and lime, sip on it and thoroughly love the taste. Again, may not be for everyone- my daughter noticed a difference immediately; my husband did not. Adaptogens are good for you though so if nothing else it’s a good health drink.

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