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That One Thing.

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

That ONE thing, that one (often repeated) event standing between a client and progress often happens on the weekends. When does the weekend win the most?

When the pull of a blowout dinner out at a Mexican restaurant - without a thought of mindful ordering - is stronger than the pull of results...that’s when the weekend wins.
When drinks out drown out the thought of the Monday scale just two days away...that’s when the weekend wins.

When a Fit3D becomes a Fit3Didn’t - postponed for fear of no progress...that’s when the weekend wins.

When $7.99 becomes a budgetary issue and excuse. “I no longer want to subscribe because I’m saving money” (aka “I am completely off the rails and being on the subscription page is a sore subject and is salt in the wound.”)...the weekend wins yet again.

A fresh new week means that you have plenty of lead time right now. This week, figure out how your weekend “wants” WON’T win.

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