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Qalo Bands- The Ring You Can Wear at the Gym

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

QALO Stackable silicone rings provide a safe, comfortable, functional and extremely durable alternative to the traditional wedding ring. This was you can work out safely at the gym and not worry about damaging your hand or your ring!

- Rings are meant to be worn stacked in sets of 2 or 3; show your individuality wherever life takes you.

- Temperature tolerant from -75°F to 575°F, and non-conductive and non-porous.

- Tensile Strength: Between 5.5-7 lbs. of force to break

- QALO rings fit true to size; half sizes should size up

Real Review:

"I love my new ring!! It’s so thin and light that I feel like I barely have anything on my finger. I’m a nurse and it’s so nice to have something cute to wear to work in place of my wedding set. I have the black twist ring and I got this white one to match my watch band. I haven’t had any problems with water or hand sanitizer getting trapped under it and irritating my finger which was my biggest concern. My ring size is 6.5 but sometimes my finger swells to a 7 and I ordered 7 and it fits perfectly. Love my rings! "

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