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Premium Glass Bottle with Non-Aerosol Oil Mister (This Is One Product You Don't Want To Break)

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

We understand why people choose the convenience of cooking sprays, but which is more important - saving a few seconds or eating a healthy diet?

Because while big-name brand cooking sprays may have zero calories, they often contain questionable ingredients that are likely neither organic nor even natural.

Given a choice, wouldn't you rather use something like pure organic olive oil, with no additives?

And here's what you may not realize - cooking and eating healthily doesn't need be a time-consuming activity.

Real Review:

"I decided to purchase this as we are trying to use less oil in our cooking. I have some really nice Circulon pans and had been using PAM cooking spray on them. What I found was that the PAM was gunking up the pans after a while leaving a residue and messing up the non-stick properties. Seems there is more than just oil on those cans. When I got around to looking at the instructions on one of my Circulon pans it specifically stated not to use sprays like PAM on them.

This little beauty of a device can spray a pretty fine mist of pure cooking oil (we are using canola) on the bottom of a pan which coats it just enough to help with browning of meats & veggies but without using very much oil at all. I've cooked salmon, chicken and veggies so far with great results. I spay the bottom of the pan before putting it on the heat, then maybe spray a little more on top of the protein or veggies to coat.

This is an aerosol device, not a 'pump' type sprayer (think spray paint -vs- windex). You have to 'pump' up some air pressure into the sprayer using the top cover then just press the button to spray the contents. You have to pump it up every time you use it and I typically give it a good 8 to 10 pumps."

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1 comment

1 Comment

I purchased this product about a month ago and it has made a HUGE difference for me!! I LOVE my Olive oil and this helps keep the portion down and is safe to use on my new pans! Super easy to use!!

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