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If You Want To Be Like Everyone Else Then Eat Like Everyone Else

Everyone has breakdowns once in a while. As a coach, I understand this and I even have breakdowns, personally. But this past month, after listening to so many clients have the same breakdowns, I felt like I needed to vent on paper and provide a blog post so that later, everyone can visit it.

The bottom line is this: if you want to be like everyone else, then eat like everyone else.

If you want to be stronger, leaner, healthier and more in control, you have to do something different. By doing something different you become something different.

The sooner you stop the 3-year-old temper tantrum about what others can eat (and that includes your friends and spouse), and what you cannot eat, the easier the process will be. Hands down.

You are not them and they are not you. They do not have your goals and they are in control of themselves only. All the toxic negative energy you pour into the "Woe is me" syndrome is wasted-- let me repeat that: it is wasted energy. I mean, it is so useless! In fact, all that does is steal focus from you.

Grieve already over your loss, put the big girl panties on, and decide whether you are in this or not. It is that simple. Once the decision is authentically made and you are committed to it, then you will not waste any more energy on feeling pathetically sorry for the foods you cannot eat.

Let's rephrase that, the foods you do not eat or are choosing not to eat. They are not moving you towards goals of health, wellness, and maybe even fat loss.

Fact-- the people eating the crap food are:

Not fat. They have a composition they wake up to that personally is not stealing their peace. Rock on.

Eating whole foods, using portion control, and they have eaten this way for quite some time.

They have consistently paid their dues in the “Discipline Dues Jar.” They have figured out their ratio of “nos” to a sprinkle of “yeses.” But in fellowship, when you are out with them, you want to throat punch those skinny bit****. It's ok. We all have been there. It’s just more wasted energy.

Fat and couldn’t care less that what they are putting into their bodies is making them unhealthy. Let it go. You will never change anyone who does not want to change. It will not happen.

Struggling, but they are not at the readiness phases to change and once again, you are not going to change them. They can suffer in silence until they are ready. They hide their true feelings because they are not in a season to commit.

Men. A double chin, beer belly or love handles does not phase them in the least bit. They can sit down with the roll and be as happy as a clam. If they are, I say more power to them..

I hope this was a swift kick in the arse for some of you. Stomp your foot one last time, have your last pity party, and move on with your kick-ass goals, because you are awesome!


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