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I am not afraid

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

My passion is spreading the truth about the state of our country and the health of its citizens. We are faced with a crisis and I personally feel compelled to help people learn to be the minority in a majority of society that has been twisted and uneducated by the food and restaurant industry. My business has been built on my straight truth. Anyone who knows me, knows the intent of truth and love behind it.

In a world of being politically correct, and as a business that is blessed to be growing, I am faced with more critics. Critiques from individuals who may or may not like my choice of rhetoric in order to shake and wake individuals to think, analyze, and push past the barriers! Here is the best thing of all. This is MY BUSINESS that is thriving and clients DO appreciate a raw truth and it is this “raw emotion” that has built my brand and I am here to say I WON’T APOLOGIZE. I will accept.

That is what I will do. I will accept I am not for few and I AM FOR MANY ( that are ready ). I cannot control everyone liking my choice of words, I cannot control how everyone is going to perceive the image of my business, but what I CAN CONTROL... is how I grow it.

Long after any short term endeavors that my husband and I take- KKW is not going anywhere. This is the business moving us ahead. #kkwellness #kkw #preppingforlife#straighttruth💯 #truthbomb

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