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Even Coaches Can't Have "Those Foods" In The House (A.K.A. Deep Thoughts With Coach K)

Yes, coaches can be REAL stupid with food!!! We can eat LIKE A-HOLES TOO!

I always find it funny that when I tell people my food weaknesses and triggers they respond with surprise. As if I do not have to struggle with food cravings or tendencies to overindulge. The cravings don't completely go away the longer you are in the lifestyle. What I have is the experience with antecedent interventions and proactive strategies that keep the outcome at a minimum or non-existent.

You see as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with the Virginia Board of Medicine, I have taken the science of behavior change and applied it to myself and now to my CBT model in nutrition coaching.

A a clinician and Bodybuilder I found the answer. I have competed in Body Building since 1999, and one thing I have discovered is there will always be a psychological response to certain foods as a result of numerous restrictions. Do I have a hold on it? Yes, but I will never get too comfortable to not call myself out on the foods that cannot be in my home. If caught in an emotional moment, stress or unpreparedness, well you know…. things could quickly go south.

Here is MY non-exhaustive list (Do I still allow for these things? Yes, but outside the home and with a plan. Planning is KEY!):



Cheese & Crackers (see that slippery slope?)

Halo Top Ice Cream

Nuts - Any Kind- We don't discriminate here


Butters (Nut Butters in particular)

Point being, you are stronger when you acknowledge your vices. You are prepared when you do not let your guard down. The list above are foods I do not need to consume to have a balanced whole food repertoire of nutrients. I can meet my fat intake through other (better) sources.

Be aware, be OK with setting boundaries with foods in your home and do not be the MOM that says “ Well just because I cannot control myself I cannot restrict the rest of the family”. The H-E- DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS you can’t! Why do we as women think that the whole universe will come crumbling down for our families and kids if sweets, bread, and ice cream are not in the house? If you were to keep track, chances are IT IS THESE FOODS THAT TRIP YOU UP every time. Be Honest!

Solution: Come up with non-triggering foods that can remain in the home as safe snacks for the family so you can avoid the “SNACKSIDENT”. Lay the law down with your weaknesses, after all it is JUST FOOD. We get so wrapped up into the “I can’t” when it needs to be the mantra of I DO NOT eat that food. I do not eat it because it simply steals my peace.

It is time to sanitize the environment of the same foods that perpetuate the insanity ride you are on. You know… doing the same thing and expecting a different result! Be OK with saying I cannot be friends with X food and get them out. You will be so glad you did.

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