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Crock-Pot Lunch Warmer (The Perfect Solution for Teachers, Nurses and More)

It's rare to see something on Amazon with thousands of reviews and an almost perfect five star rating. The Crock-Pot Lunch Crock Food Warmer is one of them. They have several colors available but usually the grey & lime is the cheapest!

This review is the best description of the product:

One of the best buys I could have gotten for work!

At first I thought "nooo way" but when I used it I was amazed. I plugged mine in about 1.5 hours before my lunch break. And it was the perfect temperature for me. Where I didn't have to wait for it to cool off to be edible without burning myself. It doesn't have a setting for heat, its just an automatic setting but once it warms up I noticed it doesn't get any warmer. Clean up is easy. The only thing that bugs me is the inner lid can be tough to get off so you have to be careful to make sure your food doesn't go flying everywhere.... my first try with this that happened to me because I wasn't expecting it!

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