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Yoanna Vaughan

KKW Coach & Contributor

Yoanna was born and raised in Vermont, has lived in Boston, Los Angeles and Oahu but is back in Vermont navigating life wearing many hats as a girl mom, wife, dog mom in addition to chef, house cleaner, chauffer and the list goes on! Secretly, her heart and soul belong in the sun. Yoanna spent most of her post-college adult life working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis and became a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst, serving the population of those with autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities.

Fast forward through pregnancy and birth of her 1st born, Yoanna began her health and fitness journey (beyond the popular diet culture fads and yo-yo dieting, which she cycled through) and became passionate about creating a healthy lifestyle for her, being the best role model for her family.  Fast forward to the birth of her second daughter she was eager to learn more and more about creating sustainable habits for a healthy life and she earned certifications as a Certified Nutrition Coach through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and a Certified Youth Nutrition Specialist through the American Fitness Professional & Associates (AFPA) and Emotional Binge Eating Specialist. 

As a Behavior Analyst, she uses science and data to analyze, modify, and change behaviors that are socially significant using behavior change tactics in a plethora of avenues in which she is passionate: optimal health, fuel for training, nutrition knowledge, gut health and rejuvenation and food freedom. 

Yoanna is also a foodie at heart and experiments in the kitchen, transforming meals and foods that contain as much flavor as it’s indulgent counterpart. 

Yoanna Vaughan
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