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8 Week Challenge

Keep this year going strong

Join our popular 8-week challenge and see how you can start your journey to better health and have more energy.

Registration opens August 1 and the Challenge begins September 18, 2023!

Lose weight within a fun competitive community of supportive people.

Have Fun While Losing Weight

Stop Putting Your Health Aside

Do you struggle to reach your goals? Join our 8-week challenge to spend 2 months competing and digging deep for yourself and for your goals. This is a lifestyle challenge, so it is simply one destination among many on the path to your best self.

Anyone can register for the challenge, even if you already have a custom nutrition plan or you are already a coaching client with KKW. Register today!

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Look your best, feel your best

Start Your Journey With Us


Start Your Journey With Us


Start Your Journey With Us



meal prep ideas

we make menu planning a snap with our free idea lists


interact with a community of like-minded people

join HUNDREDS of others from around the globe that strive to live a healthy lifestyle


NEW advanced gym workouts

Do you have access to your local gym? Download a file with complete workouts recommended by our coaches to bring with you!


live coaching and inspirational videos

Get motivated while our certified coaches hop on the Facebook page to give you tips, tricks and inspiration. You will receive at the minimum of 2 LIVE coaching talks per week along with guest coaches supplying pep talks and recipes.


grow in your knowledge

learn how to read labels, menu plan, and start a journey of lifestyle changes that will help you for the rest of the your life


MORE weekly CASH prizes and incentives

we love rewarding great behavioral changes- the more interactive you are- the better chances you have to win CASH - Amazon Participation giveaways and THOUSANDS of dollars throughout the Challenge


NEW easy and intermediate home workouts

Can't go to the gym? No problem! Our coaches will provide recommended workouts for you to do at home. You CAN lose weight and FEEL GREAT with little or NO equipment!

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The best time to take control of your health is NOW!

Are you ready for the NEW YOU?