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Rapid Snack On-The-Go That is Filled With Protein! Crunch Those Cravings With Roasted Edamame Beans

Updated: Feb 7

Need a quick high-protein snack that will give you that satisfying crunch without the guilt? Try these NOW!

  • HIGH PROTEIN SUPER-SNACK: Packed with 14 grams of complete plant-based protein – one serving of delicious Crunchy Roasted Beans can easily replace a standard protein bar or protein shake/powder.

  • LOW-CARB & KETO FRIENDLY: Enjoy a small handful or the whole bag at once! With only 1 gram of net carbs per serving, Crunchy Roasted Edamame Beans are a guilt-free keto food, and a great protein-packed chip-alternative!

  • BETTER FOR YOU: A healthy, low carb snack for every lifestyle and diet. Crunchy Roasted Edamame Beans are a friendly, gluten-free, grain-free, kosher, high protein snack that's also a perfect vegetarian/vegan snack with low sugar, no cholesterol, high fiber and low-GI (for a great diabetic snack). It’s the ideal healthy adult snack for weight loss and diet goals!

  • CRUNCHY, DELICIOUS, and FUN: Our beans are dry roasted, never-fried, and seasoned to perfection for a satisfying, savory, CRUNCH on every bite! Enjoy it straight from the bag, as a salad topper for extra crunch, or on top of your meal for added fuel!

  • SNACKING ON THE GO: Fight hunger and stay fueled with energy on the go. Keep our resealable bags in your backpack, car, gym or trail/hiking bag - wherever adventure takes you.


"I am not usually a fan of edamame so I actually had bought this for a family member. Turns out, it's really quite good! It of course tastes like edamame, but it's not overpowering. The sea salt flavor is great! I hope that other flavors are released, since I tend to get bored eating the same flavor over and over again anyway. The packaging is quite nice and snack sized, and I appreciate that it has as built in zipper to the bag so I don't have to hunt down a clip or something."

"The only thing that gave me a bit of pause is the the product is either made entirely or sourced from China. I am a bit wary of foodstuffs sourced directly from China due to quality control issues (such as with baby formula, etc). I am sure that this vendor did their homework to make sure that the edamame is safe, though."

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