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7 Financial Reasons You Should Hire (or Keep) A Nutrition Coach

It's funny that we will easy spend $70 on a meal out with friends, or $150 in one fell swoop on Amazon deals, but when it comes to investing in ourselves, the buck stops there.

Why is it that we are capable of so easily throwing money away for the sake of entertainment or immediate gratification, but when it comes to our own well-being, it's a selfish act? Read that question again... doesn't it seem to be the other way around?

If you're debating whether you should (or could) hire a Nutrition Coach, or are on the fence about keeping yours due to financial reasons...KEEP READING. I promise you, if after reading this you still aren't motivated to invest, then YOU are the only one standing in your way.

Money Saving Reason #1: You won't be getting Starbucks 5 x a week

Those drinks at Starbucks may sound healthy with their coconut and almond milk options. Combine that with sugar free syrup, and it's basically just coffee right?! WRONG...fake sugars cause inflammation and bloat in the gut, not to mention they trigger the same sweet cravings real sugar does.

Additionally, the dairy-free milks don't mean they don't have fat or flavorings added to them...they aren't skim milk, and they are not alike in any way. And when you do get actual milk, lactose breaks down when heated/steamed to more simple forms of sugar.

No wonder so many out there are hooked!

Now let's do the math...average $6/day for 4 out of 5 workdays. That's $96 in a month right there, JUST ON COFFEE. If you drink even more than this, it's even more. That's 1.5 weeks with Coach right there!

Money Saving Reason #2: You won't need to buy clothing in the next size up every season

Raise your hand if you've ever gone into a new season and thought, "damn! These pants/shorts/dresses fit last year!! Now I need to go get new!". About 75% of the people reading this article have experienced just that!

Three new pairs of pants, two pair of shorts/dresses, and three tops could be about $560, if you average cost around $70 a piece. Multiply that times four for each season, that's $2,240. Guess what else you could spend that money on?! 8 months of Coaching with your very own you NEVER have to do that to yourself again!

Money Saving Reason #3: You won't be eating out 8 x a month

Get ready, because this one is a doozy! Folks, we have a serious culture problem, and it's showing up around our waists! As a nation, people in America eat out an average of 4-5 times a week. That's about 18 meals/month.

Yes, we are all about being waited on from time to time, and getting that culinary escape as one of the finer things in life...but's that's just's a FINER thing in life! So stop throwing it away with circumstances that are not special. Otherwise, you are literally putting your health in the hands of others who all they care about it whether you come back or not.

Let's break it down:

$40 x 4 (times a week you eat out/drink with spouse, family or friends) = $160/week or $640/month. That's like 9-10 weeks of 1:1 Coaching with your own Nutrition Coach! And in that time, you could have been learning how to navigate restaurants, determine what's worth it, lose the weight, and find your escape in other places! Be better to yourself people!

Money Saving Reason #4: You won't be spending $12/day on lunch at work anymore

If you're also buying your lunches at work out on top of regular social activity, that means 4-5 more times a week, you're putting your health in someone else's hands! Eye opening isn't it?! Many a veggie or fruit in a fridge has gone bad because someone was too lazy to pack their lunch!

The average lunch out, from the fried to the fresh salad, is about $12, so let's break it down:

$12 x 5 work days/wk. = $60/wk. = $240/month. That's almost a month of 1:1 Coaching right there! Which one RESPECTS you more?

Money Saving Reason #5: You won't have flushed money down the toilet on diet pills, weight loss teas, or energy drinks that only leave you feeling disappointed and back at square one

Skinny teas, packets of dusty yumminess that promises to turn your water into a magical fat burning potion, pill labels touting "hardcore weight loss!" (what does that even mean anyways!?)...the marketing suggesting weight loss is JUST THAT EASY is everywhere!

By the time a female is 19, 20% of them have tried diet pills or diet aids. This trend only increases as women age, balancing more in their lives and putting themselves last.

I have yet to meet anyone who has attempted one of these and actually seen results that stick for more than a day. What are these formulas teaching you? Nada. What are they informing you about food or your unique body? Zilch. Do they require you to make changes in your life that illustrate your self respect? Nope.

Put your money towards the hard work, the authentic work, so that 1) you can eat real food, 2) you get to know your real body and 3) you actually get results that are real and will stick!

Money Saving Reason #6: Your Gym Membership will no longer be a waste

Gyms have more members than a facility can realistically accommodate. That's because they make their money on the people who never use their membership! So at least half of you reading this are guilty of this at some point! (I won't lie, I've been there, too!)

If you're gym membership is $30/month, that's $360 you're LITERALLY throwing away if you don't go.

Also, if you DO go, but you still continue to eat crap or in a way your body isn't forced to change...YOU WON'T GET RESULTS.

Either way, it's $360 down the drain. For that amount, you could be getting 6 weeks of 1:1 Nutrition Coaching, or at the very least, supporting that gym investment by learning about food and MAKING IT COUNT!

Money Saving Reason #7 (and perhaps the most important one): You won't be spending money down the road on scary doctors' bills, and may even save money on current prescriptions you may no longer need

This is the big one...and one of the hardest to convince people of, because it may not be their current reality. Key word: current.

If you're not eating right, if you're always putting your health in other people's hands, if you constantly let emotion dictate whether you nourish or punish yourself, TRUST time, you will be in a doctors office. It's the silent killers you should be afraid of here, because they don't show up until it's DEFCON 5. Pay attention now... get educated on how to take better care of yourself now. Get to know what's in your food now. Demand better food safety laws now. Do the hard work to be the example, so that YOU can live life VIBRANTLY, and not always in a state of undoing.

A couple medications could cost you hundreds. One major health crisis could cost you thousands. Don't be a statistic.

Doctors treat. Coaches teach. Having a Coach is PREVENTATIVE CARE...a term doctor's don't toss around too much otherwise they are out of a job. Take control today, invest in you, invest in your are anything but selfish for it if it makes you a better person for everyone else.

If you're human, you are worth it.

Ready to make that call? Set up a FREE 30 minute consult with KK Wellness. We can show you how to turn your temporary investment into a permanent change.


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