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Your Scale Is Lying To You & Throwing Off Your Fitness Game

You've been putting in the work, this time FOR REAL, more consistent than EVER for the last few weeks.

You feel on top of the world, your nutrition game is SO VERY on point. You FEEL LIGHT and genuinely attractive, feelin' yourself with that inner dialogue like, "It's working this time, I just know it".

You wake up the next morning, eager to see your results! Post-pee and naked of course, you step onto the scale. The moment of truth...

................."What. THE. {Bleep}?!?"

Yep. The scale just set your mood for the day, AGAIN.

Even the best of us have stood in these shoes. I have stood in these shoes. And before becoming a Coach, I stood in those shoes for over a decade. I put my trust in the scale to tell me if I was healthy, beautiful, or would feel attractive that day. I was one of the many misinformed beauties out there, not understanding what these numbers really meant and letting it determine how I showed up in the world.

The scale was to blame many-a-time for my jumping "off" a workout plan, judging my efforts as completely wasted, and tossing my powerlessness into a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I KNOW THE GRIP this one number has on SO MANY of us fitness chasers out there who HAVE THE BEST INTENTIONS and are DOING ALL THE RIGHT THINGS. Even THE MOST STRONG-WILLED person has been taken down a few notches because of one silly number at the start of their day.

Now that I know better and have survived my own health and fitness journey, I LIVE to tell the tale encouraging people to say...


You are so much more than that number. And that number represents so much more than whether your fitness plan is working! So how to get over it? We discard the emotion and we start with the facts...I give you three false truths the scale throws at us and how to understand what it's ACTUALLY telling us.

Scale Half-Truth #1:

Fact: Fat is 3 x the size of muscle at the same weight. This is reason number ONE, the scale doesn't tell the full truth. You're body may be changing, even if the scale isn't! This is especially true of anyone that has recently begun a new training program, or someone started working out after months or years not in the habit. Your body, instead of losing pounds, is likely losing INCHES. The better tool?

Take note of your body measurements before you start a training program, and at increments along the way. The practice takes more patience, but it's the practice that tells the real story.

Other methods you can use are before and after photos, paying attention to even the smallest changes like that little baby oblique that showed up out of nowhere! No one else may see it but you, and THAT'S ALRIGHT. You know your body best. And if you're having dysmorphia, get a second set of trained eyes. Last but not least, tune in to how your pants feel! Pants never lie... unless they are leggings {yes, leggings are pants...delightful pants that grow and shrink right with us! hah!}

5 lbs. of fat vs. 5 lbs. of muscle

Scale Half-Truth #2:

As you start a workout program, or change the one you've been doing, you get sore. You're muscles are working in fresher, more challenging ways, and as they do, they break down. This is the ONLY kind of break down in life that's good {not the Britney kind...although we love you, Brit-Brit}!! For the first 2-3 weeks of training, most weight fluctuations can be attributed to your muscles holding onto more water, hence more weight.

You know how blisters balloon to protect your skin in those new shoes? Same goes for muscles when forced to work harder or for the first time in a while!

Your muscles break down and then heal themselves similar to a scar, tougher and stronger than they were before: this is the process of muscle "toning" AKA growth. Don't let this freak you out! Ladies, due to the lack of testosterone, cannot build mass like a man can at the same rate. The muscles women do build, however, are lean, sexy and taut. So let's lift some weights until you're saying YAAAASS to that dress. Not to mention, the more muscle we have, the more calories we burn at rest! It takes more energy to maintain a muscle fiber than it does a fat molecule... double perks!

Scale Half-Truth #3:

Alright, this one applies especially to my fellow females! {Aren't we lucky?....}. Let's talk about it.... the dreaded "H" word....Hormones. Ugh. Youuuuuu {shakes finger}.

Two times during the month women experience some drastic changes in hormones: ovulation and during our period. These NORMAL fluctuations can cause our body to retain extra water as it prepares for possible pregnancy. This water retention often shows up as weight gain when you climb on that scale...within a reasonable 2-4 lbs. one time a month. {People question whether women are stronger in both mind and heart than men? Yes they are...the inner struggle is real.}

Instead of beating yourself up, acknowledge your body's natural cycle, and breathe into the female experience as one that should be embraced.

It's SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT that your body is in good health and full working order than any number on the scale. The healthier your body is, the easier it will be in the long run to actually lose those inches and get in the shape you want, so don't resist it! Put on that patience hat, look at your bad self in the mirror, and say, "I am woman! And I am a diamond under pressure". Isn't that SO MUCH BETTER than resisting? When we exhibit thoughts of resistance, it builds stress in the body, which if frequent enough, can lead to higher levels of cortisol. Cortisol = belly fat...which completely defeats the purpose of your fitness journey. So move on from that number, and keep doing YOUR THANG!

You are so much more than just a number. You are a light in this world, strength and character rolled into one, and you are here to conquer. Get out the measuring tape, put the scale in the closet, and focus on your "Inner Guide" to keep you on track. The results will come...


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