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What To Buy a Meal Prepper For Christmas

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

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I am always amazed how often people want to give junk food as gifts at the holidays. The week before Christmas at the office was insane, fudge, cookies, chocolates, and booze were always presented as home made gifts. I felt so guilty knowing I was just going to head home and throw it all away.

If you have a meal prepper in your life there are some items they would really appreciate and none of them are mentioned in the paragraph above. And these gifts would get used all the time. Seriously, if you love me grab me a high quality water bottle and watch me FREAK OUT when I open it.

So here are seven gifts to get the meal prepper in your life:

The Insulated Coffee Mug With Straw and Lid That Fits In Your Cup Holder- This is the top seller of the new products for KKW his year. People LOVE this mug because it's insulated, larger but fits in the cup holders in their vehicle. Click around in the colors and you can probably find one discounted!

Blender Bottle-  It is not possible for someone living a healthy lifestyle to have too many of these. We like all sizes, shapes and colors. Just make sure they are dishwasher safe. And if you want to get really fancy grab one with the storage space on the bottom for our protein powder!

Air Fryer- This is the newest “must have” kitchen gadget and for good reason- people are raving!  Make potatoes with crunch without using so much oil! You can cook vegetables in minutes. They come in a variety of sizes and prices for any budget. Or a gift card to buy one would also be appreciated.

Hot Logic-  This is a portable meal heater and a splurge item for a meal prepper because it heats food on the road.  If you prefer to eat your prepped meal warm you just plug this in and in no time your meal is ready to go.  

Instant Pot- While some of our members find this intimidating the ones who use the Instant Pot RAVE about it.  For meat (quickly cooked from frozen), rice, vegetables and eggs you won’t find any other way to cook them faster.  And during the holidays we see fantastic prices on these. The 6 quart is the most popular size.

Nutriibullet NBR-1201 12 Piece High Speed Blender/Mixer System (Coach K’s favorite- she uses atleast 7 times a week)- These little blenders pack a big punch for those of us who loves smoothies and protein drinks.  

Pyrex Glass Containers for Food Storage- Most meal preppers will invest in cheap plastic food prep containers but in their heart of hearts they want glass. They know it's healthier but it's also more expensive. Grab some smaller sizes of these and get a big smile!  


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