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Stressed? Add These 3 Super Foods Into Your Day!

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Super heroes, Super moms, Super Bowls, super powers...our culture loves them all and is well-acquainted with these terms starting in child-hood. But did you know there are also super FOODS?!

Yep! They live among us just waiting for consumption, and they pack a powerful punch when we do.

So what IS a super food? A super food is any food you can routinely consume in very small quantities (minimal impact on daily calories) that pack a powerful punch of micro-nutrients which heal, protect, and stabilize our bodies from the inside out.

The MORE a food can do for us by contributing LESS calories, the more likely it is to be a super food. And just like super heroes in a comic book, they all have different powers. Some fight inflammation, some fight bacteria and bad microbes, and some protect us from aging and cell turnover. Others may also help us manage STRESS!

So if YOU'RE stressed...READ HERE! 3 super foods you can start using TODAY to help protect your energy, manage stress hormone production, and overall assist you in feeling cool as a cucumber!

1) Maca Powder

Highly treasured during the height of the Incan Empire, this super food comes from the Peruvian Gingseng Root. The raw root can be a bit much on the digestive tract, so look for it in Powder form! Just a tsp. can go a long way, so long as you are consistent with it. Some awesome ways to mix this in? Oatmeal, smoothies, yogurt, on fruit, cereal, baked goods, pancakes, the list goes on...

It's super power?

This guy helps to support your adrenal glands, which are responsible for how well you respond to stress. If you've noticed you're ultra-quick to react lately or getting a little snippy (happens to the best of us!), chances are your adrenals are a bit tired. Give them a daily boost, and those reactions should lessen. Maca also boosts energy without the jitters of caffeine some may experience, nor the withdrawals! More energy means your brain stays sharp, your mental clarity is improved, and your mood is more positive. Bring ON the stress! We dare you!

2) Ashwagandha

Another form of ginseng, Indian Ginseng, this baby has a direct effect on our stress hormone, Cortisol! You may also know that hormone as being the one responsible for belly fat storage...while that is true, it's only true when Cortisol is secreted more than is normal (such as when you are chronically stressed or restless). So let's bust this and whittle that middle!

It's super power?

Ashwagandha helps to stabilize secretion of Cortisol, which means your response to stress is much more stable, as well. It also has been observed to help regulate thyroid levels, which assist your body in maintaining energy as well as other systems such as digestion and metabolism. So if you're feeling tired and and anxious, check out the many forms of this guy! It comes in superfood powders, extracts, as well as capsule form. Powders always absorb fastest so your body doesn't have to work for those nutrients.

Product Suggestion: Amazing Grass Brain Elixir

3) Cordyceps

Originating from Chinese Medicine, cordyceps is a super food mushroom! That's right, fungus ain't all bad...In fact, many are good!

It's super power?

Move over, CBD and lavender! We've found a new relaxation trick! Cordyceps helps to preserve your energy and fight fatigue, so you feel more chill when those deadlines and to-do list tasks start to pile up. It does this by temporarily elevating cortisol slightly to help you take on that stressful event, following by a drop in cortisol once stress passes. This protects your body from inflammation stress can cause, and in turn protects you from free-radical damage, while also preserving your body's natural energy. You can even try it after a good workout!

You can find this super food in coffee blends, powders and capsules, to seamlessly integrate them into your every day! I highly suggest the coffee blends to naturally support your energy versus using hitting two birds with one stone (sorry, birds!)

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